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Duration2010/09/27 The worsening of the rainy season has caused flooding, affecting 739,816 people in the La Mojana zone of Colombia.
Country or DistrictColombia

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  • OCHA 2010/12/22
    The number of people affected by the floods has reached 2,155,386; reported deaths stand at 282.
  • IFRC 2010/12/08
    The floods caused by intense rains that have affected Colombia in recent months left more than one and a half million people without homes, 195 confirmed deaths, 241 injured and more than 100 people reported are still reported as missing.

  • Agence France-Presse (AFP) 2010/12/05
    The toll from weeks of heavy rains across Colombia has risen to 174 people dead and over 1.5 million homeless, the Colombian Red Cross said Saturday 4 December 2010.
  • OCHA 2010/11/29
    Colombia declared a state of national catastrophe for the intense rains that affected the country, causing more than 160 deaths and affecting more than 1.4 million people.
  • OCHA 2010/11/22
    Approximately 140 people have died, 220 were injured and due to flooding, mudslides, electrical storms and overflowing of rivers.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2010/11/18
    Weeks of heavy rains in Colombia have left at least 136 people dead and disrupted the lives of more than 1.2 million as the country faces its worst rainy season in three decades, government agencies say.
  • OCHA 2010/11/08
    The Red Cross reported that more than one million people have been affected by heavy rains in 2010. More than 515 municipalities in 28 departments have been affected, with more than 176,000 houses damaged and 1,500 houses destroyed.
  • IFRC 2010/10/13
    The flooding destroyed and damaged roads, houses and crops.
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