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Viet Nam:Flood:2010/10/03

Duration2010/10/03 Floods caused by heavy weekend rain killed six people in central Vietnam, the government said on 3 October 2010.
Country or DistrictViet Nam

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  • UN Country Team 2010/10/26
    Floods North-Central Vietnam From CCFSC comprehensive report, as of October 14;
    deaths: 66, missing: 19, injured: 114 and houses flooded: 148,711
  • •Government of Vietnam 2010/10/10
    As of 18:00, 10 October 2010, 66 people have died, 75 are injured, and 17 are still missing.
  • Government of Vietnam 2010/10/08
    Casualities reported are death 52, missing 24 and
    injured 54.

  • Government of Vietnam 2010/10/07
    So far 48 people have died, 19 are injured, and 18 still missing.
  • Reuter AlertNet 2010/10/06
    So far, 30 people had died in the flooding, an official with the Vietnam Red Cross said. The government\\\'s website put the death toll at 28, with seven missing and nine injured.
  • Government of Vietnam 2010/10/05
    So far 13 people died, 5 people are missing and 4 people injured due to heavy rainfall over the last four days in Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh and Quang Tri. Situation is still critical and there is a risk for flashfloods and landslides.
  • Government of Vietnam 2010/10/04
    Torrential rains and consequent flooding over the last days have caused 6 deaths, 2 injured, and more than 6,294 houses flooded or damaged.
  • 2010.10.04
    Eight dead, missing in strong flood in central Vietnam
  • AFP 2010/10/03
    At least 13,300 people in Ha Tinh were evacuated to safer areas after 728 millimetres (29 inches) of rain fell.
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