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Duration2010/05/11 A lake near the northern Pakistani town of Aliabad is on the verge of breaking its banks and displacing thousands of people
Country or DistrictPakistan

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  • IRIN 2010/05/18
    Further landslides are exacerbating the threat that a newly formed 16km-long lake on the River Hunza in northern Pakistan may burst its banks, with local NGOs saying up to 13,000 people have already been displaced.
  • BBC NEWS 2010/05/11
    So far, more than 3,000 people have been displaced by the rising water levels upstream of Attabad.
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Urgent Report from Supporting Members of the Asian Disaster Reduction Center
  • JAXA 2010/05/30
    Emergency Observation of the Natural Dam Caused by Landslide in Pakistan by AVNIR-2 onboard \"Daichi\" (ALOS)
  • UNOSAT 2010/05/18
    Situation Map of Ataabad Dam Site and Current Lake Extent, Hunza River, Giglit, Hunza-Nagar District, Pakistan (as of 15 May 2010)