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Duration2010/04/14 A magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit a remote region of the Tibetan plateau in China, at 07:49 on 14 April 2010.
Country or DistrictChina

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Xinhua English 2010/05/31
Dead: 2,698
Missing: 270

Xinhua English 2010/04/26
Dead: 2,220
Missing: 70

Xinhua English 2010/04/25
Dead: 2,203
Missing: 73

Xinhua English 2010/04/21
Dead: 2,183
Missing: 83
Injured: 12,135

Xinhua English 2010/04/21
Dead: 2,064
Missing: 175
Injured: 12,135

Xinhua English 2010/04/20
Dead: 2,039
Missing: 195
Injured: 12,135

Xunhua English 2010/04/18
Dead: 1,706
Injured: 12,128
Affected: 100,000

Xinhua English 2010/04/16
Dead: 760
Missing: 243
Injured: 11,477

Xinhua English 2010/04/15
Dead: 617
Missing: 313
Injured: 9,110

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  • Xinhua English 2010/05/31
    The death toll from the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that jolted Yushu of northwest China\'s Qinghai Province on April 14 has climbed to 2,698, with 270 people still missing, vice governor Zhang Guangrong said 31 May 2010.
  • Xinhua English 2010/04/26
    Death toll in NW China quake rises to 2,220
  • Xinhua English 2010/04/25
    The death toll from a 7.1-magnitude earthquake in northwest China\'s Qinghai Province on April 24 has climbed to 2,203
  • Xinhua English 2010/04/21
    The death toll has climbed to 2,183 from a devastating earthquake in northwest China\'s Qinghai Province.
  • Xinhua English 2010/04/21
    The 7.1-magnitude quake has left at least 2,064 people dead
  • Xinhua English 2010/04/20
    Death toll rises to 2,039 in NW China quake
  • Xunhua English 2010/04/18
    At least 1,706 were killed and 12,128 injured, according to Sunday\\\'s latest official tally.
  • Xinhua English 2010/04/16
    Death toll rises to 760 in China quake
  • Xinhua English 2010/04/15
    The death toll from a 7.1-magnitude earthquake in northwest China\'s Qinghai Province has risen to 617, rescuers said 15 April.
  • Xinhua English 2010/04/15
    The death toll of China\'s Qinghai 7.1-magnitude earthquake rose to 589 as of 1:20 a.m. 15 April, according to the local quake-relief headquarters.
  • Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo
    According to USGS, an earthquake of magnitude 6.9 occurred in Yushu County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province, China at 8:49am, April 14, Japan time (Local time: 7:49am).Following is a quick report of the event:
  • Reuters AlertNet 2010/04/14
    A magnitude 6.9 earthquake on Wednesday killed about 300 people in the mountainous Tibetan Plateau in southwest China and left more than 8,000 injured as houses, schools and offices collapsed.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2010/04/14
    A magnitude 6.9 earthquake killed at least 23 people and trapped many others in collapsed houses in the ethnic Tibetan town of Yushu, Qinghai province, on the mountainous Tibetan plateau.
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  • Xinhua News 2010.04.14
    About 400 dead, 10,000 injured in 7.1-magnitude quake in China\'s Qinghai
    Map and photos are shown at the quake area.