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Mongolia:Cold Wave:2010/01/13

Duration2010/01/13 Mongolia is experiencing a severe winter locally known as dzud, a continuous heavy snowfall combined with extreme cold. Approximately 90 per cent of the country is suffering from dzud
conditions, with snowfall reaching between 20-100 centimetres.
Country or DistrictMongolia
NameCold Wave

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  • UNCT, OCHA 2010/05/11
    At present, 769,106 people, or more than 28% of the population, have been affected by the dzud primarily through the loss of their livestock.
  • IFRC 2010/01/29
    The number of affected herder families is estimated to be 180,000
  • IFRC 2010/01/13
    The national emergency management agency (NEMA) estimates that a total of 454,000 heads of livestock have died.
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