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El Salvador:Hurricane:2009/11/07

Duration2009/11/07 At least 91 people died and another 60 or more are missing after floods and mudslides in El Salvador triggered by Hurricane Ida
Country or DistrictEl Salvador

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Personal Injury Material Damage Others

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  • OCHA ReliefWeb 2009/11/25
    In El Salvador, the death toll is 198, with 77 people missing. It is estimated that 75,000 people have been affected. The Government estimated damages are approximately $939 million in agriculture, education, health, infrastructure, and water and sanitation.
  • Government of El Salvador 2009/11/10
    Authorities confirmed a total of 144 persons killed and 13,680 affected.
  • IFRC 2009/11/09
    The Salvadorian government reports that a total of 137 people are dead, 3,000 people are in collective centres, 100 people are missing and approximately 10,400 people have been affected.
  • 2009/11/09
    At least 124 people have died and dozens are missing after heavy rains triggered flooding and mudslides that buried communities and left a swath of destruction in El Salvador, officials said.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2009/11/08
    Approximately 7,000 people were in government emergency shelters
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