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Duration2009/05/07 Rain-induced flooding over large parts of Brazil have killed at least 31 people and left another 500,000 homeless, the government's civil defense agency said Thursday.
Country or DistrictBrazil

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  • PAHO 2009/05/29
    The heavy floods have resulted in a dam break in Piaui that caused 5 deaths, bringing the total number of deaths due to the floods to 56 and causing 426,886 people to be displaced.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2009/05/13
    Floods and mudslides in northeastern Brazil have killed around 40 people, left hundreds of thousands homeless and devastated swathes of farmland.
  • 2009/05/07
    About 270 towns and communities in 10 states have been flooded by swollen rivers. About one-third of the deaths have occurred in Ceara state in the northeastern part of the country, officials said.

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