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Duration2007/07/16 A powerful earthquake hit Niigata and Nagno Prefecure in Central Japan at 10:13AM, July 16,2007. The Meteorological Agency says the focus of the quake, with an estimated magnitude of 6.8, was about 17 kilometers under the sea floor off Niigata. The Agency immediately issued a tsunami tidal wave warning for parts of Niigata and Sado Island off the prefecture, but lifted it about one hour later.
14 dead, 2345 injuries were reported.
Country or DistrictJapan

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Situation Report No.48 by FDMA
Dead: 15
Injured: 2345

Totally destroyed houses: 1,259
Half destroyed houses: 5,487
Partially destroyed houses: 34,485

Fire: 3

Situation Report No.46 by FDMA
Dead: 14
Injured: 2345

Totally destroyed houses: 1,244
Half destroyed houses: 5,250
Partially destroyed houses: 34,401

Fire: 3

Situation Report No.10 by FDMA (as of 17:30)
Dead 7, Injured 226
Totally destroyed 305 houses, Half destroyed 11 houses, Partially destroyed 198 houses

Situation Report No.6 by FDMA (as of 14:45 on July 16)
Dead: 2 persons, Injured: 33 persons
Totally destroyed houses: 298

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