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Solomon Islands:Tsunami:2007/04/02

Duration2007/04/02 On April 02, 2007, at least three people were reported to have died in the Solomon Islands following a powerful earthquake (Magnitude 8.1).
Country or DistrictSolomon Islands

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  • ReutersAlertNet 2007/04/03
    Humanitarian crisis threatens tsunami-hit Solomons
  • ReutersAlertNet 2007/04/02
    Sixty buildings may have collapsed in Solomons-Kyodo
  • ReutersAlertNet 2007/04/02
    Three dead after Pacific Ocean earthquake-NHK TV
  • Reliefweb (OCHA): 2007/04/03
    In Gizo Town, the provincial capital, the local Solomon Islands Red Cross said that at least 13 people had been reported dead on Gizo. Around 2,000 people (about 10% of the population) were made homeless, and there has been widespread damage to infrastructure.
  • ReutersAlertNet 2007/04/02
    A powerful earthquake and tsunami struck the tiny Solomon Islands on April 2, swallowing entire villages and killing at least 12 people with many more missing.
  • ReutersAlertNet 2007/04/02
    The Solomon Islands declared a state of emergency after an earthquake and a tsunami struck, flattening villages causing widespread panic and killing at least 20 people with the toll expected to rise.
  • CNN News 2007/04/03
    At least 28 people died in Monday's tsunami and quake, measured at a magnitude of 8.1 by the U.S. Geological Survey.
  • Reliefweb (OCHA): 2007/04/12
    Solomons tsunami emergency phase declared over:
  • Reliefweb (OCHA): 2007/04/06
    Solomons death toll could pass 100
  • ReutersAlertNet 2007/04/06
    At least 34 are known to have died but the death toll is expected to rise sharply with up to 100 people still missing.
  • ReutersAlertNet 2007/04/04
    The U.N. office for humanitarian affairs in Geneva, OCHA, cited the Nation Disaster Council in the Solomons in putting the death toll at 34, with several dozen missing.
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