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Philippines (the):Typhoon:2006/10/30

Duration2006/10/30 Typhoon Cimaron battered the northern Philippines on Monday, killing at least 10 people in a barrage of landslides and flooding, officials said.
Country or DistrictPhilippines (the)

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  • OCHA Relief Web 2006/10/30
    Typhoon Cimaron blew out of the northern Philippines on Tuesday, leaving at least 16 people dead and thousands homeless, officials said.
  • BBC NEWS 2006/10/30
    One of the strongest typhoons to hit the Philippines for several years has battered the north of the country
  • 2006/10/30
    Five people were reported drowned or killed by falling trees and 15 injured in the coastal town of Dinapigue in Isabela province. Mayor Renato Candido said 90 percent of the houses were damaged in the town of 5,000 residents.

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