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vol.210 Training Course: í╚Comprehensive Disaster Management for Central Asia and the Caucasusí╔
ADRC Visiting Researcher Report -Ms. Carmelita Laverinto (Philippines)
ISDR Asian Partnership Meeting (Preparations for the 4th AMCDRR)
vol.209 Sentinel Asia Joint Project Team Meeting
Capacity Building Project for Local Government Officials Involved in Disaster Management in Indonesia
ADRC Staff Profile No. 40 -Mr. Takahiro Ono, Senior Researcher
vol.208 Mongolia Begins Earthquake Countermeasures
Capacity Building for Disaster Management among Local Government Officials in Myanmar
ADRC Participates in "Orientation Training on the Use of DRR Project Portal"
Announcements -Personnel Change
vol.207 Regional cooperation on disaster risk reduction
21st Meeting of the Sub-Committee on Space Technology and Applications (SCOSA)
ADRC Staff Profile -Mr. Yasuo Kawawaki, Senior Recovery Expert
Announcements -Personnel Change
vol.206 Asian Disaster Reduction Center Welcomes a New Member: Republic of Maldives
ASEAN Project: Promotion of Disaster Education in Schools
Announcements -New ADRC Publications: "Total Disaster Risk Management: Good Practices 2009" & "Applications of DRR Tools: Sharing Asian Experiences"
vol.205 ADRC Mission to Haiti
ADRC Visiting Researcher Report -Mr. Aziz Ali Nasser Al-Haymi from Yemen
Announcements (1) Personnel Changes (2) New Publication: Spanish Version of "Inamura no Hi" (3) ADRC Website in Russian
vol.204 JICA Training Course: "Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management," January to February 2010
Letter from a Former Visiting Researcher -Ms. Lyudmila Albertovna Harutyunyan from Armenia
ADRC Visiting Researcher Report (1) Mr. Amirzudi Hashim from Malaysia (2) Mrs. Phurimon Puneam from Thailand
vol.203 Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction (ACDR) 2010 Draws to Successful Conclusion
vol.202 Happy New Year 2010
International Forum on Tornado Disaster Risk Reduction for Bangladesh
ASEAN Project: Capacity Building of Local Government Officials on Disaster Management
vol.201 ERRP Pull-Down Experiment
DRR Policy Peer Review (Pilot Project)
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