The following are 13 case studies

(Case Study No.   1) Japanese Red Pine Wilt Disease Damage in Shibata and Toyoura-cho, Niigata Prefecture
Japanese Black Pine Wilt Disease Damage in Niigata and Maki-cho
(Case Study No.   4) Flood of Kashimadai-machi Region in Miyagi Prefecture Following Torrential Rains, Typhoon No. 10, 1986
(Case Study No.   5) Wind Toppled Forest Tree Damage from a Typhoon in Northern Kyushu
(Case Study No.   8) Estimation of Paddy Rice Yields Damaged by Cold Weather in 1993 in Central Hokkaido Using MOS-1 MESSR
(Case Study No.   9) The Mt. Ichifusa Landslide. A landslide occurred around 1973
(Case Study No. 10) Volcanic Eruption of a Submarine Volcano near Minami- iwojima
(Case Study No. 11) Large-scale landslide on Mt. Ontake Caused by the Earthquake of Western Nagano Prefecture in 1984
(Case Study No. 12) Volcanic Eruption of Miyakejima Island in 1983
(Case Study No. 13) LANDSAT/MSS Analysis of Sugar Beet Drought Damage in the Shari-Abashiri Region in 1984
(Case Study No. 15) The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Disaster (Optical Sensor Image)
(Case Study No. 17) Agriculture Fields Damage by the 1977 Mt. Usu Eruption
(Case Study No. 18) Eruption of Fugendake, Mt. Unzen, in Nagasaki Prefecture in June 1991 (pyroclastic flow montage)
(Case Study No. 26) Monitoring of Changes to the Northern Part of Awaji Island Caused by the 1995 Southern Hyogo Prefecture Earthquake