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Activity Report

APEC Workshop " Enhancing Rural Disaster Resilience through Effective Infrastructure Investment" 19th September

19 September 2017 (Vinh city, Vietnam)

Prior to SDMOF, ADRC, together with MARD, Viet Nam, organized an APEC Workshop "Enhancing Rural Disaster Resilience through Effective Infrastructure Investment" -- Build Back Better of infrastructure supporting industries in region" on 19th September, in Vinh city.

This workshop, held for an APEC project was attended by approximately 40 participants from 11 APEC economies.

Mr. Nguyen Sy Hung, Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nghe An province, Viet Nam gave his welcome remarks, followed by an introductory presentation by ADRC on the concept of the project. Dr.Le Quang Tuan, EPWG co-chair, MARD,chaired the first session in the morning and experts reported good practices from the case economies including Chinese Taipei by Dr. Kuo Chun-Chih, Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University, Indonesia by  Dr. Khaerun Nisa ,Lecturer, Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University, Japan by Mr. Masami Suigur, Concultant, Asia Air Survey Co Ltd, Philippines by Dr. Emmanuel M Luna, Professor, College of Social Work and Community Development, University of the Philippines and Vietnam by Dr. Dang Thi Thanh Huyen, Consultant. Participants then discussed the issues raised by the experts, in particular, effective collaboration with the private sector.

Regarding the cases, Chinese Taipei , USA and Japan submitted good practices of immediate recovery facilitating recovery and reconstruction process, Philippines and Indonesia presented cases of transport infrastructure recovery and BBB for wider scope of areas greatly contributing to upgrading connectivity, while Viet Nam and Indonesia analysed many cases of locally maganageable community infratricture by using environmentally friendly technologies, for example.

In the afternoon, ADRC chaired the second session, in which Chile, Mexico, Peru and Indonesia added their experiences from the government point of views, and  Dr. Nguyen Dang Giap, Director, Research Center for Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Vietnam Academy for Water Resource pointed out challenges from the viewpoint of Academic institutes, followed by the private sector's view from Mr.Takufumi Ishikawa, Executive Member of JBP, Japan Bosai Platform. Throughout the discussion, effective collaboration with the private sector as well as close collaboration between development authorities and DRR authorities have been repeatedly raised as the two key elements. Based on the discussion in Vinh, the casebook will be discussed by the group and published shortly.

                                                                               (2017/09/30 12:30)

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