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Activity Report

Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund Project (Capacity Building of Utilization of Satellite Image for Disaster Management)

1-2 February 2011 (Bangkok, Thailand)
The Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) held the first regional workshop of the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund Project on "Capacity Building in the Utilization of Satellite Images for Disaster Management" from 1 to 2 February 2011.
This workshop was organized in cooperation with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and was held at the AIT Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand.
This is one of the four capacity development programs in ASEAN countries that ADRC has been implementing since 2008, with other three including disaster education promotion, development of Web-based GLIDE-associated disaster database and capacity building of local government officials.
The purpose of the workshop was to allow relevant personnel to share information from the Report from the Seminar and Training for the Utilization of Satellite Images for Disaster Management, as well as other information regarding the use of satellite image for disaster management. The 27 participants, who represented the ASEAN countries, the ASEAN secretariat, the Japanese Embassy in Thailand, and UN agency, discussed efforts to promote the use of satellite images for disaster management activities.
The key points discussed were as follows:
  1) Close ties between space organizations and disaster management organizations
  2) Effective use of satellite information and the development of expertise and technologies
  3) Use of ICTs other than satellite technologies to strengthen disaster management capacity
  4) Mutual learning among countries though regional mechanisms
ADRC will continue to cooperate with relevant agencies to further promote the utilization of satellite data in the field of disaster management in ASEAN region.
For more details of this project and the result of this workshop, please visit ADRC web site (

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