Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2017

Date: 2-3 October 2017


  • Welcome Remarks: H.E.Mr. Kamaladdin Heydarov,Minister of Emergency Situations, Azerbaijan    (pdf, 109KB)

  • Opening Remarks: H.E.Mr. Mamoru Maekawa,Vice Minister, Cabinet Office,Government of Japan     (pdf, 169KB)

  • Remarks by UNISDR: Mr. Timothy Colin Wilcox, Programme Management Officer,UNISDR Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific    (pdf, 170KB)

Special report
  • "The Policy of Risk Reduction and Emergency Response for the Last 10 Years in Azerbaijan"  

  • Mr. Jalil Guliyev, Head, Organization of Rescue Work Department,Ministry of Emergency Situations, Azerbaijan    (pdf, 6.7MB)

Session 1: Implementation of the Sendai Framework for DRR --- Develop national and local DRR strategies
  1. Kazakhstan: H.E.Mr. Yuriy Ilin, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Internal Affairs (pdf, 717KB) (pdf, 194KB)

  2. Nepal: Mr. Chakra Pani Pandey, Under Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs (pdf, 814KB)

  3. Cambodia: H.E.Mr. Sobann Ross, Deputy Secretary General,National Committee for Disaster Management, Council of Ministers (pdf, 1.8MB)

  4. Azerbaijan: Dr. Rashad Gasimzada, Head of International Cooperation Division,International Relations Department, Ministry of Emergency Situations (pdf, 793KB) (pdf, 125KB)

  5. UNISDR: Status of Sendai-Monitoring: Asia-Pacific and Caucasus: Challenges and opportunities: Mr. Timothy Colin Wilcox, UNISDR Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (pdf, 843KB)

  6. Viet Nam: New Viet Nam Disaster Management Authority- Backgrounds and challenges Mr. Quan Ton Nguyen, Engineer of Hydraulic Construction, VNDMA (pdf, 2.7MB)

  7. Malaysia: National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) and its philosophy Mr. Zainal Azman Bin Abu Seman, Deputy Director General, NADMA (pdf, 3.5MB)

Session 2: Effective Emergency Response to Survive Mega Disasters
  1. Key challenges of Search and Rescue in Azerbaijan Mr. Alasgar Aliyev, Deputy Head ,Main Operations Department, MES Mr. Sabir Ahmadov, Chief Officer, International Department, MES  (pdf, 6.9MB)

  2. National Disaster Management Exercise (DMEX) in Thailand Mr. Suporn Ratananakin, Disaster Specialist, DDPM  (pdf, 1.4MB)

  3. Role and Tasks of the State Rescue Training Center of Kyrgyz Republic Mr. Kumar Akhmatov, Chief, State Rescue Training Center, MES  (pdf, 2.3MB)

  4. ADPC's role in Building Technical Capacities for Emergency Preparedness and Response in Asia-Pacific Mr. Irfan Maqbool, Director, Risk Governance Department, ADPC  (pdf, 1.3MB)

Session 3: Advanced Technologies Facilitating DRR and CCA
  1. Mobile application by using OSM (Open Street Map) based risk mapping for CBDRM Dr. Manzul Kumar Hazarika, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand  (pdf, 4.2MB)

  2. Cutting-edge landslide monitoring and early warning system Prof. Hiroshi Fukuoka, Niigata University  (pdf, 12.0MB)

  3. Monitoring, early warning, education and drill against GLOF Mr. Tshewang Dorji, District Disaster Management Officer, DDM, Bhutan  (pdf, 2.8MB)

  4. Achievements for supporting disaster response by Sentinel Asia during the decade since its establishment Mr. Takanori Miyoshi, Administrator, Space Applications and Operations Center, JAXA  (pdf, 5.4MB)

  5. New approach of donation for affected areas: Satellite image T-shirt Dr. Tsugito NAGANO, Deputy Manager, Business Development Division, Solution Service Department, RESTEC  (pdf, 7.9MB)

  1. Towards AMCDRR2018 Mr. Badral Tuvshin, Chief/Major General, National Emergency Management Agency, Mongolia  (pdf, 198KB)

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