Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2016

Date: 25-26 February 2016


Keynote Speeches
  • Dr. Narayan Bahadur Thapa, Under Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Nepal   (pdf, 3.6MB)

  • Dr. Masao Nishikawa, Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination, Ph.D., Cabinet Office, Government of Japan    (pdf, 1.3MB)

Session 1: Policy Measures to Survive Mega Disasters
1 -1 Mega Disasters-1:Tsunami
  • Mr. Bhuritt Maswongssa, President, Tourism Council Phuket    (pdf, 17.3MB)

  • Assoc. Prof. Anawat Suppasri, International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS), Tohoku University    (pdf, 10MB)

  • H.E.Ms. Fathimath Thasneem, Deputy Minister, Head of National Disaster Management Center, Maldives    (pdf, 6.5MB)

1-2 Mega Disasters-2: Earthquake, Tropical Cyclone, Volcano, etc.
  • Mr. MD Shah Kamal, Secretary, Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Bangladesh    (pdf, 7MB)

  • Major General Asghar Nawaz, Chairman, National Disaster Management Authority, Pakistan    (pdf, 36.4MB)

  • Dr. Raditya Djati, Deputy Director, Directorate for Disaster Risk Reduction, BNPB, Indonesiah    (pdf, 7.5MB)

  • Mr. Chhador Wangdi, Director, Department of Disaster Management, Ministry of Home & Cultural Affairs, Bhutan    (pdf, 15.2MB)

  • Dr. Ganzorig Tsogtbaatar, Colonel, Deputy Chief, NEMA, Mongolia    (pdf, 3.8MB)

  • Mr. Masahiko Murata, Director, Research Department, Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution (DRI), Japan    (pdf, 8.5MB)

  • Mr. Vigen Harutyunyan, Head, Data Acquisition Processing and Analysis, NSSP, Armenia    (pdf, 10.4MB)

  • Mr. Satoru Mimura, Deputy Director General, Global Environment Department, JICA    (pdf, 6.2MB)

Session 2: Strengthening DRR and DRM by capacity development training and education
  • Ms. Kyoko Kondo, Executive Director, ADRC;   (pdf, 1.3MB)

  • Ms. Liza Fidelis Fernandez Canada, Civil Defense Executive Officer, Office of Civil Defense (OCD), Philippinesh    (pdf, 1.9MB)

  • Mr. MJH Jabed, Director for Agriculture and Rural Development, SAARC Secretariat    (pdf, 343KB)

  • Mr. Alan Chow, Commander, 1st SCDF Division, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Singapore    (pdf, 3.03MB)

  • Dr. Khamarrul Azahari Razak, UTM Razak School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia    (pdf, 976KB)

  • Mr. Arun Pinta, Director of International Cooperation Section, DDPM (Thailand);   (pdf, 618KB)

  • Dr. Rishiraj Dutta, ADPC;   (pdf, 1.7MB)

Session 3: Science and technology supporting CBDRM: Upgrading DRM at local level
  • Prof. Shinichi Akutagawa, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University    (pdf, 2.8MB)

  • Dr. Teuku Faisal Fathani, Head of Soil Mechanics Laboratory, Civil and Environmental Engineering. Universitas Gadjah Mada    (pdf, MB)

  • Dr. Wahyu Wilopo, Head of Central Laboratory, Geological Engineering Universitas Gadjah Mada    (pdf, 5.1MB)

  • Dr. Guna Nidhi Paudyal, Senior Expert, Flood Risk Management, DHI/AIT    (pdf, 4.8MB)

  • Mr. Kuo-Yu Chuang, CEO, Geo Things    (pdf, 21.08MB)

  • Prasong_Present_260216_7.pdf    (pdf, 12.4MB)

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