Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2014

Date: 4-6 March 2014


Keynote Speeches
  • Dr. Satoru Nishikawa, Vice-President, Japan Water Agency, Sharing the Japanese Experience for the Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and the expectations for the 3rd WCDRR   (pdf, 7.9MB)

  • Prof. Osamu Murao, Professor, Tohoku University, Lessons Learnt from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Current Recovery Efforts    (pdf, 3.8MB)

Session 1: HFA Progress and Challenges toward a Post HFA
  • Dr. Satoru Nishikawa, Vice-President, Japan Water Agency   (pdf, 0.3MB)

  • Ms. Yuki Matsuoka, Head, UNISDR Office in Japan    (pdf, 2.4MB)

  • Mr. Kiyoshi Natori, Executive Director, ADRC    (pdf, 0.7MB)

  • Mr. Valeriy Petrov, Vice-Minister, Senior Management, Ministry for Emergency Situations, Kazakhstan    (pdf, 2.3MB)

  • Ms. Fathimath Thasneem, Deputy Minister, Disaster Risk Management, National Disaster Management Centre, Maldives    (pdf, 1.8MB)

  • Mr. Masahiko Murata, Director, Research Department, Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution (DRI)    (pdf, 4.2MB)

Session 2: Strengthening Local Capacity for DRR
  • Prof. Rajib Shaw, Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University, “Disaster Risk Reduction [DRR] Practices at Local Level”    (pdf, 997KB)

  • Mr. Hirokazu Nagata, President, Plus Arts, “Introduction of capacity building activity for DRR -the Kaeru Caravan”    (pdf, 11.3MB)

  • Mr. Takahiro Ono, BCP Manager of Mitsubishi Corporation Insurance Co. (MCIC) / ADRC Visiting Researcher, “Local Capacity / Role of Private Sector”    (pdf, 1.29MB)

  • Mr. Lilik Kurniawan, Director, Directorate of Disaster Risk Reduction, BNPB, Indonesia, “Implementation of HFA in Indonesia”    (pdf, 621KB)

Session 3: Human Resource Development and Training Facilitator
  • Mr. Islam Mohammad Manirul, Senior Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Bangladesh, “Human Resource Development and Training in DRR : Bangladesh Perspectives”    (pdf, 1.98MB)

  • Mr. Pema Thinley, ICT/Geographic Information System Officer, Department of Disaster Management, Bhutan, “Bhutan's Way of Achieving HFA Through Capacity Development”    (pdf, 1.77MB)

  • Mr. Leng Heng An, Personal Assistant to NCDM Secretary General, Cambodia, “DM & DRR Capacity Buildingh in Cambodia”    (pdf, 1.83MB)

  • Mr. Ali Bakhtiari, Senior Expert, National Disaster Management Organization, Iran, “Human Resource Development and training on DRR in Iran”    (pdf, 457KB)

Session 4: Utilization of Space Technology for DRR
  • Mr. Masami Sugiura, Senior Researcher, ADRC, “Present Situation of Emergency Observation in Sentinel Asia”    (pdf, 3.09MB)

  • Mr. Md Munir Chowdhury, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Bangladesh, “Disaster Management Based on Space Technology”    (pdf, 1.96MB)

Reception Event: DRR Education Tool (Iza! Kaeru Caravan!)
  • Mr. Hirokazu Nagata, President, Plus Arts   (pdf, 30.3MB)

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