Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2010
17-19 January 2010
Room Kairaku, Kobe Portopia Hotel, Kobe (Hyogo)

<Day 1> 17 Jan (Sun.)

Opening Ceremony

Opening and welcome remarks

  • H.E. Mr. Hiroshi Nakai, Minister of State for Disaster Management, Government of Japan
  • Prof. Shigeru Itoh, Chairman, ADRC [ASG_PPT 13Kb]
  • Mr. Kenzo Oshima, Senior Vice President, JICA
Keynote Speech on the HFA mid-term review
  • Ms. Margareta Wahlstrom, Assistant Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction and Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the Hyogo Framework for Action in the Secretariat for the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
    [Presentation ASG_PPT171Kb] [Speech ASG_PPT 107Kb]

ACDR2010 Public Forum: “Application of Space Technology to DRR”
Session summary (under preparation)
Introductory Presentation:
  • Mr. Makoto Fujieda, Senior Researcher, ADRC [ 726Kb]
  • Promotion of application of Space Technology to DRR
    by Mr. David Stevens, Programme Officer, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) [1.3Mb]
  • Application of Space Technology into DRR in Japan
    by Mr. Futoshi Takiguchi, Manager, Disaster Management Support Systems Office, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) [5.0Mb]
  • Use of Satellite Data for DRR
    by Dr. Lal Samarakoon, Director, Geoinformatics Center, Asian Institute of Techonology (AIT) [ 4.0Mb]
  • Introduction on Space Technology Application for Disaster Reduction and HJ-1-A/B satellites in China
    by Mr. Zhiyong FANG, deputy director general of National Disaster Reduction Center of China (NDRCC) [2.9Mb]
  • Use of Satellite Data in Saptakoshi Basin of Nepal,
    by Mr. Thir Bahadur G.C., Under Secretary, Disaster Management, Ministry of Home Affairs, Nepal [ 2.8Mkb]
  • Application of Satellite Rainfall Estimation for Flood Risk Reduction in the HKH region
    by Ms. Mandira Shrestha, Water Resource Specialist, Integrated Water & Hazard Management, International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
  • Use of Satellite Data in Disaster Risk Management System in Gifu Prefecture, Japan
    by Mr. Satoshi Wada, Chief Engineer, Gifu Prefecture, Japan [3.1Mb]
  • Wrap-up & Future Perspective by Dr. Lal Samarakoon

<Day 2> 18 Jan (Mon.)
ACDR2010 Session 1: Sharing Knowledge and Lessons on Disasters
Session Summary (under preparation)
Session Coordinator:
  • Mr. Naoto Tajiri, Director, Disaster Management, Cabinet Office, Japan

Part I Lessons Learned From Recent Devastating Disasters in Asia


  • Flood disaster in 2009
    by Mr. Dev Kumar, Director, Disaster Management Division, Ministry of Home Affairs, India
  • Sumatra Earthquake in October 2009
    by Mr. Sugeng Triutomo, Deputy Chief, Prevention and Preparedness Department, National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB), Indonesia
  • Typhoon Ketsana and Parma in 2009
    by Mr. Glen J. Rabonza, Administrator, Office of Civil Defense, Philippines
  • Flood disaster in 2009
    by Dr. Nguyen Huu Phuc, Deputy Director, Department of Dike Management, Flood and Storm Control, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam [558Kb]
Q&A and Discussion
Part II Tools to Share Knowledge and Lessons on Disasters


  • Transfer the Lessons Learned from Disasters
    by Mr. Yoshinobu Fukasawa, Deputy Secretary General, TeLL-Net (Transfer Live Lessons Network)/ Counselor, FDMA, Japan [2.5Mb]
  • Disaster Reduction Hyperbase (DRH) - toward its implementation in Asian practice
    by Dr. Hiroyuki Kameda, Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Research Center (EDM), National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED) [738Kb]
ACDR2010 Session 2: DRR Policy Review of ADRC Member Countries
(Towards promotion of implementation of HFA)
Session Summary (under preparation)
Session Coordinator:
  • Mr. German Velasquez, Regional Coordinator, UNISDR Asia and Pacific



  • Report on Baseline Study conducted by ADPC, ADRC and ISDR
    by Mr. Atsushi Koresawa, ADRC [436Kb]
  • Report from ISDR (incl. Global Review of HFA implementation)
    by Mr. Velasquez, UNISDR [86Kb]
  • Report and Discussion on Issues and Challenges in Achieving its Goals in the Remaining 5 years by representatives in ADRC member countries
    by Mr. U. W. L. Chandradasa Sri Lanka 175Kb]
    by Mr. Nodirjon Mahmudovich Djumaev Uzbekistan 665Kb]
    by Dr. Dugkeun Park Korea 1.9Mb]

Discussion (Coordinator: Mr. Atsushi Koresawa, Executive Director, ADRC):
  • ADRC DRR Policy Peer Review in FY2009: HFA Priority 3
    • Explanation of Program
      by Ms. Maki Yoshida, Researcher, ADRC [82Kb]

[Review of Thailand]

  • Mr. Naoki Shiratsuchi, Japanese Red Cross Society [ 536Kb]
  • Dr. Alvaro Antonyan, President, Armenian National Survey for Seismic Protection Agency
  • Mr. Adthaporn Singhawichai, Director, Research and International Cooperation Bureau, Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Ministry of Interior, Thailand

[Review of Bhutan]

  • Dr. Koichi Shiwaku, Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Research Center of the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (EDM-NIED) [291Kb]
  • Mr. Shaukat N. Tahir, Senior Member of National Disaster Management Authority, Pakistan
  • Mr. Namgay Wangchuk., Director, Department of Disaster Management, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, Bhutan
Summary of the Session 2:
  • Mr. German Verasquez, UNISDR
Special Session for the 4th AMCDRR:
  • Topics in the High Level Round Table and Technical Session
    by Dr. Dugkeun Park Korea No.1 [1.3Mb], No.2 [159Kb]

<Day 3> 19 Jan (Tue.)

ACDR2010 Session 3: Sub-regional Cooperation for DRR
(ASEAN, SAARC, and Central Asia)
Session Summary (under preparation)

Session Coordinator:

  • Mr. Atsushi Koresawa, Executive Director, ADRC
  • ADRC Activities for supporting sub-regional cooperation
    by Mr. Atsushi Koresawa, ADRC [337Kb]
  • JICA Activities for Supporting Sub-Regional Cooperation
    by Mr. Eizen Irei, Director General, JICA Hyogo [353Kb]
  • Activities and Challenges for Promoting Sub-regional Cooperation for DRR
    • ASEAN:
      Dr. Marqueza Cathalina Lepana Reyes, Technical Advisor on Disaster Reduction, ASEAN-UNISDR Technical Cooperation on HFA Implementation [ 2.0Mb]
    • SAARC:
      Mr. P. G. Dhar Chakrabarti, Executive Director, SAARC Disaster Management Center
    • Central Asia:
      Ms. Gabriella Waaijman, Regional Disaster Response Advisor, OCHA
    • Japan-China-South Korea:
      Mr. Naoto Tajiri, Director for Disaster Preparedness, Public Relations and International Cooperation, Cabinet Office of Japan [182Kb]
  • Discussion for further promotion of Sub-regional Cooperation
ACDR2010 Chair’s Summary & Closing Session
  • Discussion on Draft Chair Summary (subject to be modified based on the comment from the participants and will be finalized by 12 Feb. 2010) [145Kb]
  • Closing Remarks (Government of Japan and next host country)

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