Survey Report of Disaster Prevention and Management Frameworks

in Northeast Asian Regional Government

February 2001 Hyogo prefecture, Japan

(Coordinator, Disaster Prevention Subcommittee, Association of Northeast Asian Regional Government)



Dear Sir/Madam:

The Disaster Prevention Subcommittee conducted a survey on disaster management frameworks and measures established within regions of Northeast Asia. The results of the survey have been compiled into a report.

I hope this report will contribute to the promotion of information exchange among regions and help respective regions improve and develop their disaster management frameworks.

April 2002

Hiroki Kimura
of the Disaster Prevention Subcommittee
Director of the Disaster Management Division
Hyogo Prefectural Government


I. The Outline of the Survey
     1  The Details of the Survey
        (1) The Purpose of the Survey
        (2) The Survey Method
        (3) Schedule of the Survey
Collection of the Questionnaire
    2  Outline of the Survey Result
        (1) Disaster Situation
        (2) Duties on a regular basis, during emergency, during recovery period
        (3) Areas of Interest for disaster reduction
        (4) Roles expected to be filled by Hyogo Prefecture
        (5) To make good use of Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC)
        (6) Intention of information exchange

    3  Other Results of Survey
(1) Department in charge of Disaster Management
        (2) Ordinance and Plan for Disaster Management
        (3) Jurisdiction and Responsibilities for Disaster Management
        (4) Organization to be established for Disaster Management

        (5) List for Contact Number of Person in Charge for Disaster Management

II. Disaster Management Situation of Each Regional Government
        (1) China
        (2) Japan
        (3) Mongolia
        (4) Republic of Korea
        (5) Russia

III. Appendixes
        (1) Letter of Request
        (2) Questionnaire