(6)@Intention of information exchange

They point out the necessity of information exchange in the fields related to disaster prevention, and as the next step, they are interested in development of human resources through training programs etc.

i)      Information Exchange

They intend to exchange information related to building disaster prevention systems. (North Chungchong)
They intend to exchange information about the comparative study of technological process from planning to recovery and the management of disaster prevention organization.  (North Kyongsang)
Information exchange is very useful and interesting. (Primorsky Territory)
They think that information exchange is very useful and are expecting of cooperation in future. (Irkutsk)
They are interested in information exchange and cooperation. (Kamchatka)
There are differences in roles and authorities of local governments in the field of disaster prevention among countries.  We need to promote information exchange of disaster prevention such as knowledge, technology, and experience in order to strengthen the disaster management systems in the member municipalities. We, as the coordinator municipality of disaster prevention committee, intend to strengthen the system of each municipality by promoting information exchange at this point, and then consider to extend to the personnel exchange such as sending and receiving researchers, etc.  (Hyogo pref.)

ii)    Human Resources Development (Capacity Building)

They hope that municipal officers get training when a new technology of disaster prevention is developed.  Their Duties of disaster prevention is now lacking of expertness because of the hard work discouraging the long-term engagement and increasing personnel changes. (Cheju)
They expect Asian Disaster Reduction Center to conduct a periodical cooperation program to exchange information and to conduct training for the persons in charge of disaster prevention and to train up experts.  It is needed to hold an academic conference in which civil experts could participate for the disaster prevention in Northeast Asia. (Kyonggi)
(Hyogo pref.) ditto to the statement in i)

iii)  Making good use of Asian Disaster Reduction Center

They expect a periodical cooperation program with Asian Disaster Reduction Center to collect disaster information.
(Kyonggi) ditto to the statement in ii)

iv)  Activities during emergencies

The forecasting of Japan is very reliable, accurate and useful for disaster prevention.  They download and use the information of Japanese homepage (http://tenki.jp/) for the weather chart map at the time of typhoon.  However, once the typhoon season is over, no data is provided. Therefore, they hope that the weather information for China, Russia, and Korea is provided even during no typhoon season.  To prevent natural disaster is very important in every districts and countries.  They hope that their request is considered and accepted.
They strongly hope to cooperate with Asian Disaster Reduction Center.  But they have problem to use Internet due to the lack of facilities.

It is needed to promote exchanging information and develop human resources by making good use of Asian Disaster Reduction Center and by some other means.