(3)@Areas of interest for disaster reduction

       We asked each government about the primary areas of their interest, in case of exchanging information with other members of the Association of Northeast Asian Regional Governments.

i)      Strengthening emergency management capability of citizens and corporations

The municipalities of 59.2% have interest in gDeveloping community tie.h As the disaster countermeasures done by the municipalities are limited, they consider it very important to enhance the comprehensive disaster reduction capacity by improving the capability of each community.  Especially the Municipalities in Japan are interested in exchanging information related to "Adoption of emergency volunteers" and "Developing community ties.h
    As to "Training programs", the municipalities in Korea, Russia, and Mongolia show high interest in getting more information.  It should be effective to introduce training programs of each Regional Governments to these countries.

<Strengthening emergency management capability of citizens and corporations>


Area of Interest

Current Status

Problems and Major Concern


To develop  community tie




to make good use of volunteers

Although the local disaster prevention master plan includes systematizing how to adopt volunteers and adoption of volunteers plan, it is not sure about desirable cooperation with the related organization, such as Social Welfare Association in real operation.

It is necessary that they should strengthen their cooperation with the related organization in adopting volunteers in case they should have a problem in an actual emergency.


to develop community ties

The households of 50% are organized in the autonomous disaster prevention communities in Tottori Pref.

It is important to consider how to improve existing communities and develop new community ties.


to organize disaster prevention systems with participation of the local residents

There are some autonomous disaster prevention communities existing such as "Shobodan (Fire fighting community)", but there are no autonomous disaster prevention communities established, which should cover all the other residents.

To establish autonomous disaster prevention communities effectively, considering the decrease of younger people in number caused by the decrease of the birth rate and the increase of aged people in number.


to rise awareness of disaster prevention

It has been set a week started from 20th of May as "the week to rise the residentsf awareness of disaster prevention" since Nihon-kai Chubu Earthquake in 1983.

As time goes by, the residentsf awareness of disaster prevention seems to be declining.

It is expected to exchange information, such as introducing programs to develop community ties, and to train and enlighten people.


ii)    Establishment of Emergency Relief Programs

There is a complete contrast in respect of the interest in exchanging information about establishment of emergency relief programs between municipalities in Japan and in other countries.  In Japan, they become to have little interest in building emergency facilities, because they have rapidly equipped facilities since Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake.
    On the contrary, those in the other countries are strongly interested in the matter.  The Municipalities in Korea have interest in "building emergency facilities" and "Purchase of materials and machineries for use in emergencies."  In Russia, "Securing foods and other suppliesh, "Preparation of shelters", and gProviding temporary housing" call great attention.  In Mongolia, they show interest in all items.
    Besides, it is listed to provide disaster information or develop a disaster information system as practically interesting items.

<Establishment of Emergency Relief Programs>


Area of Interest

Current Status

Problems and Major Concern


To develop information exchange system with neighbor Municipalities in emergency


Under consideration

There was damage caused by a lot of driftwood which drifted from the neighbor prefecture in upper stream to Toyama Bay during the typhoon in last September. Learning from the experience, they considered it important to establish an information exchange system together with the neighbor prefectures.  They also think it to be studied which kind of disasters and what items should be informed each other between the neighbor prefectures.


To provide disaster information and to collect information on damage situation


It seemed to be inadequate to provide disaster information and to collect information on damage situation


They intend to study the effective way for the dissemination of the disaster information.


Development of Disaster Information System

Due to the lack of resources the project goals are hardly achieved

It is envisioned to expand the information network and develop it into highly technological level.

The municipalities except those in Japan are strongly interested in exchanging information about equipping disaster prevention facilities, such as gBuilding emergency facilitiesh and gPurchase of materials and machineries for use in emergencies.h


iii)  The establishment of emergency management systems

There is a complete contrast in respect of the interest in exchanging information about improving information systems between Japanese municipalities and the others.  They show much interest in gDisaster prevention organizationsh in Japan, while in Korea they have interest in gDisaster prevention projectsh and gdisaster prevention organizationh, and in Russia and Mongolia they are interested in all the items related the establishment of emergency management systems.
    Especially Korean local governments concretely pointed out gEmergency management organizationh and gEmergency drillsh as the items about which they intend to exchange information with other members

<Establishment of emergency management systems>


Area of Interest

Current Status

Problems and Major Concern

North Chungchong

Flood disaster prevention and emergency recovering condition

They manage based on the gEmergency recovering plan for flood disasterh

They think disaster prevention plans are more necessary than recovery plans

North Cholla

Disaster prevention organizations in other countries

They have a division to administrate the matter of natural and human disasters

They intend to research and examine the mother organization that unifies disaster prevention organizations.

North Kyongsang

Disaster prevention organizations

The central disaster prevention organization is upside-down pyramid-shaped and do not unite each divisions. Each division in charge of disaster prevention requests each division to cooperate.

To develop the organization to control total works of planning, prevention and recovery

South Kyongsang





They provide emergency drills more often than annually and give disaster prevention seminars occasionally.

They need to establish the expert organizations to provide trainings and disaster prevention education in each municipality.




To activate disaster prevention organizations


Two of their disaster prevention organizations separately belong to 119 disaster condition division in the civil disaster prevention administrative bureau and firefighting bureau.

They intend to unify the disaster prevention organizations and to make it expert.

Metro Pusan


Municipal bylaws based on disaster prevention related laws


They legislate the regional disaster management plan in accordance with municipal bylaws based on gnatural disaster management law.h They operate disaster prevention duties regulated by the plan.


They have a problem about effective use of human resources, organizations and equipments during emergency, because natural disaster measures and man-made disaster measures are based on different laws; measures for natural disasters such as typhoons, heavy rain, earthquakes, and measures for man-made disasters such as fire and gas accident.

 They are strongly interested in establishment of emergency management systems, including emergency management plans and emergency management organizations. 


iv)  Activities during emergencies

There is also a complete contrast in respect of the emergency countermeasures between Japanese municipalities and the others.  In Japan, they show much interest in gLeading people to sheltersh, while the others members show much interest in many activities during emergencies such as gLifesavingh, gLeading people to sheltersh, gPublic relations and consultationsh, and gElimination of refuses and debrish.
    Korean local governments especially intend to exchange practical information about relief operation, including utilization of volunteer activities

<Activities during emergencies>


Area of Interest

Current Status

Problems and Major Concern

Ishikawa Pref.


Elimination of refuses and debris

There is no problem in normal operation.

It must be a problem if the amount of refuses and debris are beyond their capabilities to manage in case some of the facilities of the wide area municipal association are broken by the disaster.





Operation of the Shelter

They examine what is the desirable shelter


They consider what functions the shelter should have and how they run the shelter and make good use of volunteers.



Assistance to the sufferers


It is necessary to develop a program for and the way of receiving volunteers has to be improved

Primorsky Territory

Funding for Lifesaving and other urgent rescue operations


It is needed to develop systematic program for the affected people. Especially, we need to consider the effective use of Volunteers.

Central Prefecture

Emergency Management

Financial Help

Not Satisfactory

They are strongly interested in activities during emergencies, including gLifesavingh, gLeading people to sheltersh, gPublic relations and consultationh except local governments in Japan.