Phase 2-1
Trainers' Training  utilised Tsunami educational booklet

Partner NGO: SEEDS

Under the activity, 5,000 booklets of Hindi and English version were distributed to different levels of stakeholders. Amongst all, distribution has been mainly done in the school safety programme in South Andaman and Little Andaman which organized by SEEDS, a partner NGO in India. Around 3,500 booklets were presented to the 40 schools in the programme.

Other distribution details:

1. In Andaman and Nicobar Islands alone, around 1,000 booklets have been presented to various government officials and other representatives of civil society. Officials from the various local government departments have been given the books.

  1. Chief secretary
  2. Secretary Education- Department of Education
  3. Development Commissioner of A&N
  4. Deputy Commissioner
  5. Add District Magistrate
  6. Director education
  7. Assistant State Commissioner - Scouts and Guides
  8. Chief Fire Officer
  9. Deputy. Superintendent of Police
  10. Nehru Yuva Kendra
  11. Director Social Welfare
  12. Joint secretary - APWD
  13. Director of Industries

2. One day programme was conducted in Vivekananda Primary School in Port Blair for schools students and teachers. The students were introduced to the story of Hamaguchi (main caracter of the "Inamura no Hi"). Around 65 booklets were given to the school children and the teachers.

3. Distribution in two schools in Delhi
a. Ludlow Castle School, a government owned school in New Delhi: Around 150 booklets were distributed to the students and the teachers as a one-day school safety programme in the school.
b. Bal Sahyog, a school for under privileged children(children of street beggars): Around 100 booklets were presented to the students and the teachers as a one-day school safety programme in the school.

4. Around 100 booklets have been presented to humanitarian partners, visiting donors and academicians, as well as the regional offices of SEEDS (our partner NGO) in Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and Orissa.

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