8 Public Relations by ADRC

The ADRC is committed to promoting its visibility as an information center, constructing cooperative relationships with a larger number of partner organizations, and further increasing contributions to international disaster reduction cooperation. From this standpoint, we have had a wide range of activities in public relations by attending international conferences, participating in lecture meetings and symposia, and public relations with the mass media.

8-1 PR to the Mass Media

With the intent of notifying disaster reduction experts and the general public on the activities of ADRC, we have made much effort to obtain coverage by television, radio, newspapers, and other mass media. As a result, we were interviewed and given media coverage concerning our activities, including the second ADRC International Meeting. In this fiscal year, ADRC's activities were broadcasted three times on the TV and reported 41 times on newspapers.

8-2 Attendance at International Conferences

We attended the international conferences shown below to enhance our presence around the world, and took part in deliberations with concerned organizations on international disaster reduction cooperation. This was done to develop an organic network with international organizations and NGOs, as well as with member countries.


Table 8-2-1 <International Conferences>

Title of Conference




Name of Participants


IDNDR Program Forum

July. 5-9, f99


Ogawa, Murata

Presentation on ADRCfs organization and activities as a nominee of 10 Success Stories. Coordination of the session on gInformation Technology for Assessment and Simulation Capacities.h

Japan-U.S. Science, Technology & Space Applications Program 1999

Nov. 9-12, f99




Presentation on ADRCfs activities and the Internet GIS for disaster reduction in Asian region.

World Bank Paris Conference

Jan. 13, f00



Explanation on ADRCfs organization and activities

CEOS (Committee of Earth Observation Satellite)

Feb. 14-15, f00




Presentation on gDevelopment of Internet GIS for Disaster Information Management in Asian Region.h

Kobe/Shanghai/Manila Tri Cities meeting for disaster reduction

Jan. 26-27, f00

Kobe Municipal Office

All staff

Planning and organizing of the conference