This is the FY1999 annual report compiled by the Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC).

The ADRC was established in July 1998 to promote multinational disaster reduction cooperation with the aim of reducing damage from natural disasters through the sharing of information in the Asian region.
We are striving for the continued development and expansion of our organization, although we are aware that the process of fully equipping the ADRC with the functions it is expected to serve cannot be completed overnight, but will require steady and constant efforts.

It has been two years since the establishment of the ADRC. At this point of time we have built up a network reaching 22 member countries. We have also constructed a database of disaster reduction information that is accessible on the Internet. It ranges from latest disasters, disasters that occurred in the 20th Century, legal systems on disasters, organizations for disaster management, and specific disaster reduction measures, lists of disaster professionals, and disaster-related training courses. This fiscal year, we have started the admittance of researchers from member countries, and researchers from Korea, Nepal, and Viet Nam have participated. We are expecting researchers from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to follow.

Now that five years have passed since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, the memory of that tragic disaster is gradually beginning to fade from our minds. For this very reason, the ADRC has the critical task of conveying the experiences of and lessons learned from this disaster, which struck a densely populated urban city, to Asia as well as the rest of the world.

Although the information dissemination on disaster and disaster reduction is the center of ADRC activities, such service will be rendered useless unless the existence of ADRC and its WebSite are brought to the attention of more people. Next year, we are planning to launch an ADRC newsletter on a frequent basis to promote publicity campaigns using various media.

Although it is still a small organization, but the ADRC is beginning to take shape. We are determined to continue promoting international disaster reduction cooperation through the sharing of relevant information, with the intent of reducing damage from natural disasters in the Asian region.
Your generous encouragement and cooperation in this regard would be most appreciated.

March 2000

Shigeru Ito
Asia Disaster Reduction Center


1 Brief Description of the Asian Disaster Reduction Center

1-1 The background of the Establishment
1-2 Organization and Status
1-3 Activities and Policy
1-4 Past Activities


2 Formation of a Network for Sharing Information on Natural Disasters
and Disaster Reduction

2-1 Formation of a Human Network

2-1-1 International Conference
2-1-2 Receiving Visiting Researchers
2-1-3 Joint Projects between UN.OCHA and ADRC
2-1-4 Cooperation with Other International Organizations

2-2 Formation of Network for Sharing Information on Natural Disasters and Disaster Reduction

2-2-1 Configuration of ADRC Network and Information Equipment
2-2-2 ADRC Homepage


3 Accumulation and Provision of Information on Natural Disaster and Disaster Reduction

3-1 Policy and Methods

3-1-1 Policy on Accumulation
3-1-2 Collecting Information from Member Countries, Etc.

3-2 Information on Disaster Reduction Systems

3-2-1 Scope of Information
3-2-2 Level of Information Source
3-2-3 Information Accumulation Methods
3-2-4 Information on Disaster Reduction Systems Accumulated in Fiscal 1999 and Analysis
3-2-5 Future Tasks

3-3 Cases of Disaster Counter Measures

3-3-1 Measures Implemented After the Great Turkey Earthquake
3-3-2 Measures Implemented After the Great Taiwan Earthquake
3-3-3 Investigation of Drought Disaster Countermeasures in Korea
3-3-4 Coping with Century Flood Disasters in Central Vietnam
3-3-5 Countermeasures at the Tsho Rolpa Glacier Lake
3-3-6 Two Recent Disasters that Occurred in Nepal
3-3-7 Analyzing the Problem of Forest Fire in Indonesia

3-4 Construction of Database of Disasters in Asia in the 20th Century

3-4-1 Disaster Database of the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disaster (CRED), Louvain  Catholic University, Belgium
3-4-2 Verification of CRED Data on Member Countries
3-4-3 Joint Projects with CRED
3-4-4 Disasters in Asia Registered in CRED Database
3-4-5 Future Tasks

3-5 Human Resource Information

3-5-1 Aim of Human Resource Information
3-5-2 Information Gathered and Provided
3-5-3 Future Developments

3-6 Construction of the Asian Disaster Reduction Internet GIS

3-6-1 Background on the Development of the Asian Disaster Reduction Internet GIS
3-6-2 System and Function of VENTEN
3-6-3 Data Provided by VENTEN
3-6-4 Use of VENTEN as Basic System for Risk Assessment
3-6-5 Summary

3-7 Gathering and Providing Information of Emergency Risk Assessment System


4 Identification of Needs and Resources concerning the Promotion of Cooperation on Disaster Reduction

4-1 Identification of Needs and Resources

4-1-1 Questionnaire Survey of Member Countries

4-2 Proposals of Disaster Reduction Cooperation Project from Member Countries

4-2-1 Survey of Interests of Member Countries in Disaster Reduction Cooperation Project
4-2-2 Proposals by Member Countries
4-2-3 Future Policy


5 Gathering of Information on Emergency Relief during Times of Disaster

5-1 Latest Disaster Information

5-1-1 Gathering Method and Gathered Information
5-1-2 Obtaining the First Reports

5-2 Collection and Analysis of Post Disaster Information

5-2-1 Data Summarization and Analysis of Relief Web Financial Tracking
5-2-2 NGOs in the Member Countries


6 Planning of Materials for Dissemination of Knowledge on Disaster Reduction, and Enhancement of Awareness

6-1 Background and Policy
6-2 Information on Awareness Raising Materials for Disaster for Disaster Reduction Gathered by ADRC
6-3 Planning of Materials for Dissemination and Enhancement of Awareness

6-3-1 Materials for Spreading Information on Papua New Guinea Tsunami

6-4 Gathering of Information on Workshops and International Conference

6-4-1 Gathering Method and Information Gathered
6-4-2 Disseminating of Information on the Web site

6-5 Future Policies


7 Securing a Good Understanding of Problems with Disaster Reduction Education and Training in the Asian Region

7-1 Planning of Disaster Reduction and Training by ADRC

7-1-1 JICA Seminar on Disaster Management

7-2 Short-term Training Programs by ADRC


8 Public Relations by ADRC

8-1 PR to the Mass Media
8-2 Attendance at International Conferences