8 Public Relations by the Center


8-1 PR to the Mass Media

With a view to notifying disaster reduction experts and the general public of the inauguration of the Center and its activities, we have made much efforts to obtain coverage by TV, radio, newspapers and other mass media.

(1) Appearance on TV

Number of appearances: 8

Contents: Opening ceremony, ADRC international symposium, etc.

Broadcast in: Japan

(2) Appearance on the radio

Number of appearances: 3

Contents: Description of the Center

Broadcast in: Japan

(3) Newspapers and magazines

Number of appearances: 41

Contents: Opening ceremony, ADRC international symposium, description of the Center, etc.

Broadcast in: Japan (35) and Bangladesh (6)


8-2 Attendance at International Conferences

We attended the following international conferences to enhance our presence overseas and to help develop an organic network with international organizations and NGOs, as well as with member/advisory countries.

WHO Workshop on Strengthening Emergency Preparedness

ESCAP-IDNDR Regional Meeting for Asia

EMI Twin Cities Kick-Off Coordination Meeting


8-3 Lecture Meetings and Symposia

We also participated in lecture meetings and symposia to increase the profile of the Center.

Number of meetings/symposia participated in: 8

Contents: Outline of the Center, etc.

Meetings/symposia held in: Japan


8-4 VIP Guests to the Center

Mr. Abdus Samad Azad, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh

Mr. Philippe Boulle, Director, IDNDR Secretariat, United Nations