6 Raising of Disaster Reduction Awareness


6-1 Background and Policy

To reduce the impact of natural disasters in the Asian region, we will gather, classify and analyze awareness raising materials disaster reduction in order to provide them to member/advisory countries. We will also use the data to compile materials that meet specific needs of these countries.

6-2 Information on Awareness Raising Materials for Disaster Reduction Gathered by the Center

We have accumulated the information by gathering and analyzing existing materials, holding interviews with persons in charge of disaster reduction in member/advisory countries, analyzing their country reports and holding expert meetings. Described below are the situations in each country made known to us so far.

Table 6-2-1 Awareness Raising for Disaster Reduction in Member/Advisory Countries




Notifies disaster reduction slogans in different languages. PR on TV and radio. Holds training seminar on cyclone/flooding countermeasures.


Since it has many languages, the country is unable to prepare and deliver programs and brochures in one language. Considering what to do.


Enhancing community awareness of disaster reduction in vulnerable areas.


Designated Disaster Prevention Day (Sept. 1) and Disaster Prevention Volunteers Day (Jan. 17). Mounts events for greater awareness, education and drills from a week before. Municipal governments prepare guides, brochures and readers for disaster reduction education at schools.


Carries out "Emergency Lifesaving" drills with schoolchildren. Uses mass media, including TV and radio.


Conducts disaster reduction education and drills every year.


Broadcasts disaster reduction programs on radio and TV. Prepares posters and brochures, holds workshops, seminars and disaster reduction drills

Papua New Guinea

Plans training in urban areas, as well as a curriculum for more rural areas. AusAid is supporting enhanced awareness towards 2000.


Conducts natural disaster reduction drills. Has active communities and NGOs.


Defence Academy offers various courses. Disaster reduction courses available at school. EMERCOM of Russia issues a monthly publication, "Civil Protection."


Singapore Civil Defence Force provides information on its web site. Has a Civil Defence Academy.

Sri Lanka

Government and NGOs organize training for the grass-roots and local citizens.


Directly appeals to students and volunteers. Uses cartoons for PR.

Viet Nam

Floods and rainstorm forecasts/warning broadcasts on the mass media (TV, radio). Organizes various training seminars.


Organizes a range of training seminars.


6-3 Future Policy

In the fiscal year 1999, we will ask member countries to provide us with awareness raising materials for disaster reduction, put these materials onto the database, publish information via the Internet and compile materials that meets the specific needs of member/advisory countries.