Asian Disaster Reduction Center                 

  2001 Annual Report                                                                           


1. Asian Disaster Reduction Center

1-1. Background for the Establishment of the ADRC.

1-2. Organization.

1-3. Policy and Past Activities.

 1-3-1. Policy.

 1-3-2. Past Activities.


2. Building a Network for Sharing Information on Natural Disasters and Disaster Reduction.

2-1. Formation of a Human Network

 2-1-1. ADRC International Meetings (Member County’s Meetings)

 2-1-2. Outline of Fourth  ADRC International Meeting.

 2-1-3. Asian Meeting on the  UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR)

 2-1-4. Visiting Researchers from Member Countries.

 2-1-5. Cooperation with Other International Organizations and Initiatives.

2-2. Regional Workshop on Networking and Collaboration among NGOs of Asian Counties in Disaster reduction and Response

 2-2-1. Purport

 2-2-2. Outline.

2-3. GIS International Meeting --- International Symposium on Internet based Disaster Information (ISIDI)

 2-3-1. Outline.

 2-3-2. Program

 2-3-3. Summary and Declaration.

2-4. ADRC's Network for Information on Natural Disasters and Disaster Reduction

 2-4-1. Configuration and Hardware.

 2-4-2. ADRC's Website.

 2-4-3. ADRC Highlights.


3. Accumulation and Provision of Information on Natural Disasters and Disaster Reduction.

3-1. Policy and Methods.

 3-1-1. Policies on Accumulation.

 3-1-2. Collecting Information from Member Countries, Etc.

 3-1-3. Other Efforts.

3-2. Information on Disaster Reduction Systems.

 3-2-1. Scope of Information.

 3-2-2. Level of Information Source.

 3-2-3. Information Accumulation Methods.

 3-2-4. Future Tasks.

 3-2-5. Understanding needs for promoting information technology for management of disaster reduction-a survey with questionnaire.

3-3. Construction of Natural Disaster Database Linked to GDIN

 3-3-1. Current Situation of Sharing Disaster Reduction Information.

 3-3-2. Data book of Natural Disasters in Asia in the 20th Century.

 3-3-3. Proposal by ADRC <Unique ID Project (GLIDE)>.

3-4. Exhibition of Disaster Reduction Technologies

 3-4-1. Need for a Disaster Reduction Database.

 3-4-2. Disaster Reduction Technology Internet Virtual Exhibition.

 3-4-3. Classifications of Disaster Reduction Technologies.

3-5. Internet GIS

 3-5-1. Objectives of Internet GIS for Disaster Reduction Management

 3-5-2. Overview of "Development of Disaster Information Network System in the Asian Region"

 3-5-3. Development of "VENTEN (Vehicle through Electric Network of disasTer gEographical informatioN)"


4. Promotion of Disaster Reduction Cooperation.

4-1. Cooperation with the United Nations.

 4-1-1. Opening of the UN OCHA Relief Web.

 4-1-2. Cooperative Projects between UN OCHA and ADRC.

4-2. Cooperative Projects with Member Countries.

 4-2-1. Multinational Investigation of India Earthquake.

 4-2-2. Disaster Management Training Project for  Local Government Official

 4-2-3. Urban Search-and-Rescue Training Project

 4-2-4.  School Educational Program for Disaster Reduction.


5. Disaster Reduction Education and Training

5-1. Disaster Reduction Education and Training Programs by ADRC.

 5-1-1. JICA Seminar on Disaster  Management

5-2. Short-term Training Programs by the ADRC.

5-3. Other Dissemination and Education Activities.


6. Public Relations by ADRC

6-1. PR to the Mass Media.

6-2. Participation in International Conferences.

6-3. Participations to Various Disaster Reduction Fairs.

6-4. Lectures/Symposiums.

6-5. Articles.



Impact from a Natural Disaster