Date and Time: 19 January 2005, 1415|1615 hrs
 Venue: Nunobiki-no-Ma, Portopia Hotel, Kobe
 Languages: English, Japanese and Spanish
 Organisers: Government of Japan (including Hyogo Prefecture)
 Chair: Prof. Ian Davis Chair & Rapporteur
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Disaster Management Center, Cranfield University
 Rapporteur: Mr. Emmanuel M. de Guzman
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Summary Report   Summary Report (pdf: 31.8 KB)
Introduction by the Chair
  Prof. Ian Davis
  Disaster Management Center, Cranfield University
Presentation of Case Studies
  "Developing a system for international cooperation in reconstruction" (pdf: 441 KB)
    Mr. Tomio Saito
    Vice Governor, Hyogo Prefectural Government, Japan
  "Post-Disaster Recovery: Learning from the Past" (pdf: 137 KB)
    Ms Margaret Arnold
    Program Manager, Hazard Management Unit, World Bank
  "Comparative Study on Recovery & Reconstruction: Challenges and Way Forward" (pdf: 622KB)
    Mr. Anil Kkumar Sinha
    Senior Technical Advisor, Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC)
  "El Salvador 2001 Earthquake" (pdf: 237 KB)
    Mr. Alfredo Lazarte-Hoyle
    Director, a.i., InFocus Programme on Crisis Response and Reconstruction (IFP/CRISIS), ILO
  "Tsunami Disaster in Sri Lanka on 26th December, 2004" (pdf: 641 KB)
    Mr. Nihal Rupasinghe
    Additional General Manager, Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau, Construction Division, Sri Lanka
  "Indian Ocean Tsunami - Key Challenges in Recovery Planning" (pdf: 391)
    Mr. Praveen Pardeshi
    Senior Adviser, UN Inter-Agency Secretariat of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN/ISDR)
Presentation by the Chair
  "Synthesis of key challenges identified in the case studies"
    Prof. Ian Davis
    Disaster Management Center, Cranfield University
Future options to support post disaster recovery with risk reduction
  "Concept of Int'l Platform for Recovery and Reconstruction" (pdf: 471 KB)
    Mr. Satoru Nishikawa
    Director for Disaster Preparedness, the Cabinet Office, the Government of Japan
  Presentation by UNDP, ISDR and OCHA
    Mr. Andrew Maskrey
    Chief, Disaster Reduction Unit, Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery, UNDP
Feedback from the floor
Concluding Remarks
  Prof. Ian Davis
  Disaster Management Center, Cranfield University