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Information Technology For Disaster Management 

The Availability of Data and Information on Natural Disaster in Indonesia

 Teti A. Argo

Research Institute@Institut Teknologi Bandung,Jl. Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132


At least for the last decade, reports on natural disaster occurrence in Indonesian cities and countrysides have intensified. Such reports come with their own specific type of disaster unheard of before. The latest was a report on landslides in combination with floods on Nias island, west of the major island of Sumatra.  It took about 116 lives and dozens are still unaccounted for. Many have awakened to the fact that Indonesia is located in one of the most hazardous geographical areas in the world, particularly for active volcanoes.  

This is where the volcanic eruption of Mt. Tamboura in 1813 caused food riots in England and famine in India, and where the eruption of Mt. Krakatau darkened the skies for a couple of days. Since then, government institutions have carefully monitored the activities of volcanoes, particularly in order to better prepare society for a disaster it may face.

Keywods; Disaster management; disaster reduction activities

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