ADRC International Paper
Information Technology For Disaster Management 

Disaster-Related Information Clearing House,Information Technology For Disaster Management

Kohei Arai, Yasunori Terayama

Department of Information Science Saga University 1 Honjo, Saga 840-8502 Japan



In order to provide disaster-related information to the public, a portal site (Disaster-Related Information Clearing House: DiRICle) is proposed and created at Saga University (Saga Model). The model allows for information on satellite locations, the most recent satellite images, disaster-related events, satellite data retrieval, software tools and satellite image data browsing formatted in HDF with DIAL (NWGISS). The proposed clearing house allows one to access the ADRC, PDC, and the other disaster-related sites in the world. 

Keywords: Disaster Information; Clearing House

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