"General Principles Relating to Countermeasures for Earthquake Directly Below the Southern Kanto Region"

Points outlining the basic policy on earthquake countermeasures;

  1. Formation of the Southern Kanto Region, an area highly resistant to earthquakes.
  2. Preparation for emergency measures.
  3. Establishment of measures for highly dangerous zones by earthquakes.
  4. General improvement of ability to respond to earthquakes.
  5. Taking into consideration the unique functions concentrated in the Southern Kanto Region.
  6. Promotion of survey research on disaster countermeasures and application of results when formulating countermeasures.
  7. Effective implementation of countermeasures.


"Guidelines for Emergency Countermeasures Activities against Earthquake Disasters in Southern Kanto Region"

Points that set out the duties the various agencies and authorities involved are to carry out during earthquakes;

  1. Gathering and disseminating information.
  2. Securing the means for and providing emergency transportation.
  3. Providing rescue, first aid and medical treatment.
  4. Procuring and supplying food, drinking water and the basic necessities of daily life.
  5. Providing emergency housing.
  6. Emergency measures to provide lifeline facilities.
  7. Maintaining sanitation, preventing epidemics and handling corpses.
  8. Preventing secondary disasters.
  9. Coordinating volunteer aid.

10.Proposing challenges that require an action plan.

Action Plans