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Today in the world annually as a result of acts of nature, accidents, failures, fires and accidents perishes about two million people and some tens millions receive poisonings and traumas. In this direct and indirect damage from acts of emergency situation natural and technogen character is estimated approximately in four-five percent of the total product of world economy.

In these conditions problems which are raised out in frameworks of UN a of struggle with all kinds of dangers of the modern world becomes rather urgent and necessary.

In Uzbekistan, since the first days of purchase of independence conducting the large work on development and realization of state policy  on forecasting, prevention  and actions in conditions of extreme situations. Territory of our government as Centralasian region, the territory of our state is comprised many  potential sources of extreme situations.

In this way, the questions of government protection, common and persons from the cataclysms of natural and technogen character is one of strategic components national security of our government.

Serious anxiety cause at management of republic bordering of pollution of environment, which sources are in territory of the next states. Among them burial place radioactive rubbish and unconditional ore (lead, uranium, mercury, antimony), emissions, harmful to the man, freshet flooding; flows; threats of break on high-mountainous lakes.

The break only one natural dam in Sarez Lake in Tadjikistan can real threat for life and health about six million people who living in territories of Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. This accident besides million human victims will cause huge destruction of an infrastructure used in agriculture, destruction available flora and fauna, mass pollution of water resources.

The acts of nature have not national borders and they are identical dangerous to the people living in territories of the different states.  

In case of large financial costs for organization constant control for thawing of glaciers in territory of next Kyrgyzstan of July seventh, in 1998 there was a break of high-mountainous lake on a glacier Dugoba of Alay range in Tyan-Shan Mountains (4600-5024). Formed mud-stone torrent flow is courageous from the ground hundred inhabited constructions erected on coast of the mountain rivers of a settlement Shahimardan of Republic of Uzbekistan. At this accident one hundred and four men were lost, the huge material and moral loss is put to the state and citizens.

Necessary to note that at presence of the good coordination between republics of Asian region maintenance of the duly notification of the people, it would be possible to avoid such accidents.

The earthquake is most dangerous extreme situation in Central Asia.

You likely heard about catastrophic earthquakes which were having place in ninety forty eight in Ashkhabad (Turkmeniya) and in ninety sixty six in Tashkent. One of large disasters of such character which was having place recently in our region, is the earthquake by force six ball, which has taken place on February fourth, in 1998 in a province of Tahar of Republic of Afghanistan, as a result of which are completely destroyed twenty seven villages, more than four thousand people were lost.

The large problem for republic is landslips, landslides and avalanches. Especially their number from year to year is grows. For the prevention warning of negative influences from these phenomenon at us developed and carried out whole complex of measures . Most effective of them is the preliminary resettlement of the people from landslipable of zones in safe territories. For example, for last six years from one hundred and twenty   occupied items placed in mountain areas, are moved more than thirty thousand people, hundreds improving objects are removed, tens kilometers of motorways and channels are transferred.

 In industrial sector of  our state has hundreds large fire, explosion and chemically of dangerous enterprises. The maintenance of their safety, steady functioning is one of the important directions of state policy.

For last years in republic much is made for creation of strong legal base on protection of the population against acts of nature and technogen accidents. To their number is possible to relate the Law of Republic of Uzbekistan " About the conception of national safety " from August 29, 1997. In this Law the vital national interests recognize maintenance of optimum ecological conditions for ability to live of the man, protection of health of the people, creation of a stable ecological situation.

 In the country created and working State system of the prevention and actions in extreme situations. The management of this system is entrusted to the Ministry on extreme situations.

For resolution of problems transbordering pollution of an environment between Republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan is signed the intergovernmental agreement, developed the program of actions on realization of joint works. But speed of realization of the given program has difficulty by big financial expenses.

 At present time there is necessary to decide some questions to develop international mutual cooperation to prevent and liquidation of emergency situation of natural and technogen character such as:

1.Exchange of scenic-technical attainment to prevent of emergency situation, to conduct mutual research:

2.Experience exchange to provide government structures, economic and people for emergency situation:

3.Familarization to organize foreign experience and developing of national system to prevent emergency situation, developing mutual projects.

4.Operational information exchange, especially with bordering states in questions of how to forecast situation, capacity of necessary assistance.

5.Training and learning specialists, conduct joint training.

6.Experience exchange of citizen to prevent emergency situation.

7.To participate liquidation of emergency situation abroad using our forces, which are members of gInternational register fast reactionh.


Everything which said requires from us of improvement of cooperation, study of the saved experience, activation of work on struggle with acts of nature, coordination of our activity in the international organizations. In general to make everything to ensure calmness and prosperity of our peoples.