Country Report

Disaster Management in India


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I. Topography

1. Location
2. Area

II. Weather

1. Climate
2. Rainfall

III. Overview of Disasters

1. Floods
2. Droughts
3. Cyclones
4. Earthquakes
5. Landslides
6. Avalanches
7. Forest
Pest Infestation

IV. Natural Disaster Management System

1. National Level 
2 State Levels
3. District Level

V. Financial Arrangements

VI.  Legislative support for Disaster Management

VII. Recent Major Disasters

1. Orissa Cyclone of October 1999
2. Gujarat
Earthquake of January 2001

VIII. On- Going Initiatives in Disaster Reduction.

IX. Approach/Mission/Priority Areas in Disaster Management

X.  International Cooperation

1 Policy for Acceptance of International Assistance
2. Cooperation with countries and International Organizations 
3. International events held in
4.Possible Areas of International Cooperation


I.   Information on damage caused by floods
II.  List of some major cyclones
III. List of some major earthquakes
IV. List of major Institutions/organizations

V.   List of some publications on disaster management
VI.  List of Experts
VII. List of contact officers for disaster management
VIII.  References/sources


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Ministry of Home Affairs
Government of India
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