(As of Thursday 22nd August 2002)

Disaster Situation

1.Landslides event in 21st August, 2002 ;

Area-Ramechhap district, around 150 km east of the Kathmandu.
Causes - Continuous heavy rain.
Type of disaster- Landslides.
Landslides time-August 21st early in the morning 4:00 O'clock.
Death-41 people.
Injured-3 people are injured. They are in medical treatment at local hospital.
Houses destroyed-19 houses were completely swept away.
Rehabilitative families -24 families. They are in secure places.
Rescue work- Helicopters with relief materials and rescue team had arrived the affected area this after noon and rescuers are digging through the debris looking for any survivors and for bodies of those killed.
Relief work-Relief materials rice, blankets, fuku, bitten rice and Sato /cash is distributing to the landslides victims by relief team.
Total death by different floods and landslides till 22nd August-429


2. Plane crashed event in 22nd August, 2002:

A twin otter aircraft eighteen people, including 15 foreigners, were killed when the plane crashed in bad weather in west Nepal Pokhara. Pokhara is around 200 km west of the capital city Kathmandu. The airport was under complete cloud cover following 2 days of continuous rains. The tourists include 13 Germans, 1 American 1 British national and 3 Nepalese crewmembers.

3. Bus plunged event in 22nd August,2002:

At least 45 people died after a bus plunged into Trisuli River on the Prithivi Highway near Mugling at 12:45 PM this afternoon. Mugling is around 110 km west of Kathmandu, Nepal.

posted by:

Lekh Nath Pokharel
Section Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs
His Majesty's Government of Nepal