(As of Monday (9.30 P.M), 12th August 2002)

Disaster Situation

(1) Type of Disaster: Landslides and Floods.
(2) Period: 13th, 21st, 22nd July and 6th August 2002.
(3) Where: 47 districts are mostly affected.
(4) Total Death: 344
(5) Injured: 306
(6) Missing: 70
(7) Total affected Families: 48599
(8) Houses Destroyed: 16097
(9) Livestock Damage: 1435
(10) Rescue Part: Already finished in recent landslides and floods affected areas.
(11) Relief Part: Now we are in relief stage so relief work is going on in affected areas.
(12) Recent Problem: Monsoon is not favorable yet and we are facing transportation problem for distribution additional relief materials to disasters victims.

posted by:

Lekh Nath Pokharel
Section Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs
His Majesty's Government of Nepal