( as of Friday, 26 July 2002 )

Recent disaster related information: response and measures taken by the Government

  1. Type of Disaster : Landslide and Flood.
  2. Period :Heavy rain in all over the country in 13, 21 and 22 July 2002,
  3. Where : Twenty districts are most affected.( 75 districts are all over the kingdom).
  4. Death : 202
  5. Injured : 115
  6. Missing : 30
  7. Total Affected People : 4470
  8. Houses Destroyed : 3760
  9. Livestock Damage : 324
  10. Damage to and Physical Infrastructures : In the process of collection.
  1. National Response and measures taken by the Government :
  1. Rescue has been continuing and treatment is in providing process,
  2. Relief material and cash is being distributing according to norms,
  3. Rescued 208 persons by Helicopters in Chitwan district,
  4. Foods distributed in Shiraha and other affected areas,
  5. 1090 families are rescued to the secured place in Rautahat district,
  6. Efforts has been made to rescue the people of Dhanusa and Rautahat districts,
  7. 260 families are rescued to secured place in Nawal Parashi district
  8. 11 people rescued by Helicopter in Makawanpur district,
  9. Ministerial level monitoring committee has visited the affected areas,
  10. Five million Nepalese Rs.(one US$ equivalent to 78.40 Nepalese Rs.) has provided
    to the affected districts for the relief assistance,
  11. Coordination is being made for the reconstruction of physical infrastructures and control of
    epidemic with concerning agencies, (Such as; Ministry of water recourse,Ministry of construction and
    Physical Planning and Ministry of Health)
  12. Central Disaster Relief Committee meeting has adopted necessary decisions for the rescue and relief

posted by:
Lekh Nath Pokharel
Section Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs
His Majesty's Government of Nepal