Mongolia is in the midst of a continuing disaster that is likely to get worse in the coming months as the perishing of animals accelerates. It is hard for non-Mongolians to grasp the direct link between the animals and the population as the animals perish there is dire impact on the socio-economic condition of the herder, if not his/her very survival.


The international community is being called upon to support the relief and rehabilitation efforts that the United Nations family is embarking on to minimize the damage of the present disaster. There is an urgent need to get the herders, their families and the animals back on their feet. The emergency inputs to save some animals and plant the vegetable seeds must be delivered at latest during the months of April and May 2000.


From this crisis will emerge long term opportunities to address the optimal balance between herders, their animals and the land. This careful consideration and requisite action should strengthen the ability of Mongolians to better withstand future natural calamities.


The United Nations community working in Mongolia is grateful for the consideration of support of potential donors during this acute challenge to the people of modern Mongolia.