G. Coordination and Monitoring


G.1 Background and context of the appeal

The scale of the disaster and the requisite response is far beyond the financial capacity of the Government. The Government, therefore, requested the United Nations to appeal for international assistance. Additional specialized support is required by the UN team in country to ensure smooth delivery of relief inputs, to coordinate and collaborate with the Government and donors, to provide rapid and efficient disaster information.


G.2 Objective

The objective of the appeal is to mobilize the requisite human resources to ensure appropriate and timely delivery of international relief assistance that is being channeled through the UN system. Regular monitoring should take place in the assisted areas. Progress and impact of the international relief should be regularly reported to the Government, the donors and the UNDMT members.


G.3 Strategy for implementation

The first two short-term staff have been recruited to coordinate and monitor the initial UN relief assistance in close cooperation with the Government, NGO’s and the respective UN agencies. They have overseen the procurement and delivery of the first relief inputs.

Funds are required to mobilize a complete team that will have a strong logistics capacity for speedy delivery of the increased relief inputs that are expected. This team will be mobile and will be responsible for liasing with herders and local administrators to ensure the targeting and proper delivery of items. This team will be an essential component of the entire UN effort on this disaster.

The UNDMT relief team in Mongolia will be assisted by OCHA experts who will visit Mongolia periodically to provide their technical expertise from other disasters. Timeframe for implementation is 6 months.


G.4. Budget for Implementation





Mongolia based relief team (national and international experts, national and international volunteers, field missions, etc.)


Technical support from OCHA


Final evaluation OCHA/UNDMT