Update the Drought and Flood in Cambodia

Water goes down-21 people died

The water in Mekong River goes down, but it is forecasted not better.

On 29 August 2002, it was reported 21 people died in Kratie, Kompong Cham, and Takoe provinces of Kingdom of Cambodia. For 13 people died in Prey Veng province did not report clearly whether they died by flood or not. For the damaged properties did not estimate yet. The provincial governor of Stueng Treng reported that the growing vegetable was damaged 20-25% by flood. This governor clarified, although the water started going down in the Mekong River, but he worried about this because the water can rise up during the Phchum Ben Festival in October 2002.

In Kratie province, there were 10000 people affected by flood. The provincial governor of this province reported, over 1000 hectares of growing vegetable are damaged by flood.

Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) appealed for relief assistance in the country and oversea. Up to now, the relief assistance from abroad do not response yet.

Bun Rany Hun Sen, Presideant of Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) brought the cooking rice and other relief assistance to distribute to 2,351 families who are affected by drought and flood in 2002. This distribution was held on 04 September 2002 at Ang Run Secondary School in Takoe province.

The relief assistance was distributed in each family received such as the following items.

25 Kilograms of cooking rice
1 Sarong
1 T-shirt
1 plastic mat
4 pieces of soap
5 packs of Chinese Noodle
2 cans of canned fish,
and 1 another kit

Out of these, some medicines were distributed to district clinic. She stated in that meeting, Takoe province is being faced the two kinds disaster, one is affected by flood and another one is affected by drought, she said. The trouble of Cambodian people is the trouble of Cambodian Government and Cambodian Red Cross because the Cambodian Government and CRC is trying on its best to seek all the ways in order to help the affected people. Cambodian Government and CRC appealed for the relief assistance in the country and oversea to get it helping people through CRC. Although this relief assistance is a little for people, but it is important to help them. She clarified that this relief assistance was paid over USDollar 20,000 and it is not distributed to the affected people in here only, but it is going to distribute to people who are being affected by flood in others. On the other hand, the medicines are not distributed directly to people because it is the 2-way-weapon. It can treat sickness of people and it can affect people die when they use without permission or direction from doctor. So the medicines are distributed to district clinic.