Daily Situation Report No. 73
16 March 2001

F. No. 07001/01/2001-NDMCR
Government of India
Ministry of Agriculture
Department of Agriculture & Cooperation
Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi

Subject: Earthquake of 26th January 2001 in Gujarat and many parts of India.


・ A severe Earthquake of the magnitude of 6.9 at Richter scale occurred at 8.46 A.M. on 26th January 2001 with epicenter at 20 K.M. North East of Bhuj.
・ Its impact has been felt in various parts of the Country. Gujarat has been affected very severely.
・ It has caused colossal loss to life and property in Gujarat particularly in Kachchh, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Rajkot and Surendranagar.
・ Aftershocks still being received.

・ 7904 villages affected in 182 talukas in 21 districts.
・ 1.59 crore affected out of 3.78 crore population.
・ Human lives lost : 20005, Persons Injured : 1.66 lakh, seriously injured: 20717
・ Missing persons : 247 in Kachchh
・ Cattle deaths reported as 20717
・ Houses Fully Destroyed 1.84 lakh (Pucca), 1.67 lakh (Kachcha) & 0.16 lakh (huts)
・ Houses Partially Destroyed 5.01 lakh (Pucca), 3.86 lakh (Kachcha) & 0.34 lakh (huts)

・ Damage :
Personal Properties Rs. 387 crore
Household Properties Rs. 11195 crore
Public Utilities Rs. 600 crore
Public Infrastructure & Amenities Rs. 1080 crore
Industrial establishment Rs. 5000 crore
Commercial establishment Rs. 3000 crore
Total estimated loss of damage Rs. 21262 crore

BUDGET 2001-02:
・ National Committee on Disaster Management headed by Prime Minister will be making recommendations for laying down effective long-term strategy on the need to set up permanent institutional arrangements for management of natural disasters.
・ National Calamity Contingency Fund (NCCF) is being augmented by imposition of a 2% surcharge on personal income tax and corporate tax.
・ Assistance will be provided to the State Government under various Centrally Sponsored Schemes for reconstruction of roads, bridges, power installation, school buildings, public utilities and other public infrastructure.
・ Arrangements have been tied up with the World Bank and Asian Development Bank for obtaining a line of credit of US $ 800 million. A joint team has already visited Gujarat and substantial additional funds expected to be negotiated.
・ RBI has instructed banks to make special arrangements for freezing of recovering and extension of new loans on new loans on liberal terms for borrowers in the affected areas.
・ National Housing Bank and HUDCO set apart adequate funds for housing reconstruction. It is also proposed to allocate a special quota of tax-free bonds of the order of Rs.2000 crores between the two institutions.
・ As was done after the Orissa Cyclone, cement and steel used for construction in the Indira Awas Yojana by HUDCO and by agencies identified by the State Government, would be exempt from excise duty.
・ Government of Gujarat will be enabled to raise funds by floating tax free earthquake relief bonds which will be open to subscription in Rupees to individuals and others including NRIs through the RBI.
・ All goods indented for relief have been excise duty and custom duties; direct tax assesses have been given extension of time for filing their returns.
・ 15% special surcharge levied on cigarettes, bidis, and pan masala and the proceeds will go to NCCF.

・ Prime Minister to head 37-member all party National Committee on Disaster Management.
・ The first meeting of the National Committee held on 18th February 2001.
・ Prime Minister cancelled foreign visit to Malaysia and Japan.
・ Prime Minister held meeting with all Party Leaders /Groups on 3.2.2001.
・ 4th meeting of Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) held on 13th February 2001 and discussed the relief efforts in earthquake affected areas.
・ National Crisis Management Committee meets regularly and puts in place specific and detailed sectoral initiatives.
・ Krishi Control Room (NDM) activated and functioning round the clock. Coordinating with all Central/External relief efforts in close association with Govt. of Gujarat.
・ Satellite phones, Hotlines, HAM radio and mobile telephones have been pressed into service to ensure proper communication.
・ Gujarat Disaster Management Authority under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister Gujarat established to implement the Rehabilitation packages.
・ A new department of Earthquake Relief set up by Gujarat Government.
・ The Central Government Departments and Agencies have assisted the State Government both men and material and medical assistance and restoration of infrastructure.
・ The State Governments have contributed Rs. 48.68 crore in cash and cloths, blankets, tents, food items, utensils, medical teams, technicians etc., separately.
・ An Inter-Ministerial Central Team is visiting Gujarat from 6th March, 2001 for an on the spot assessment of the damage and assistance required by the State Government.
・ The State Government advised to update contingency action plan in seismic zone IV and V and take appropriate measures with emphasis on preparedness and public awareness.

・ Present Manpower Deployment Position: 28 IAS Officers, 48 Officers of Addl/Deputy Collector rank, about 50 Class -I Officers, 482 Engineers, 574 Technicians, 200 Specialist Doctors, 450 Doctors, 785 Para Medical Staff and about 11,000 employees.
・ In uniformed services, 3000 Police Personnel, 2653 Home Guards, 8 Engg. Regt and 36 Columns Army, 13 Coys BSF, 6 Bns SRPF, 8 Coys CRPF, 9 Coys CISF, 4 Coys RAF and 14 Medical & Vet Teams of SSB.
・ 13,355 manpower engaged through Contractors.

・ Relief Equipments in Kachchh: 831 Cranes/JCBs, 395 bulldozers/excavator, and 2679 loader/dumpers/ trucks, 1603 Jeep/Ambulances, 614-gas cutters/DG Sets/Sub pumps and 2895 other equipments.
・ Relief equipments in Other Districts: 321 JCB / Cranes, 148 bulldozers/excavator, 174 loader dumpers/ trucks, 362 Jeep/Ambulances, 287 gas cutters/DG Sets/Sub pumps and 473 other equipments.

・ Rs. 500 crore assistance released by Govt. of India on 30.1.2001
・ Rs.175 crore (approx.) cash assistance from 70 foreign countries and 17 international organisations.
・ Rs. 49.18 crore donation received in Gujarat CM's Relief Fund.
・ Rs.10 crore sanctioned from PM's National Relief Fund.
・ Rs.48.68 crore financial aid received from other States.
・ External assistance from 70 countries. Overwhelming international response with men & material.

・ As reported by Emergency Medical Relief Wing of DGHS (on 14.3.2001), in the 24 affected districts, 118 specialist doctors, 204 medical officers and 404 paramedics are working.
・ Total Hospitals functioning : 410 (49 in Kachchh & 361 in Other Districts)
・ No. of Primary Health Centres : 991
・ Mobile hospital ambulance: 25 in Bhuj, 9 in Anjar, 9 in Bhachau, 4 in Rapar and 3 in Gandhidham.
・ Temporary medical relief centres: Bhuj-3, Anjar-2, Bhachau-2, & Rapar-2.
Status as on 14.3.2001 - Incidences of disease:

Place Diarrohea /dysentry  fever Conjuctivities  Jaundice others.
Bhuj   32 44 71 Nil 329
Anjar 43 45 71    Nil 331
Bhachau 112 250 149 Nil 1474
Rapar 1 45 12  Nil 445
Mandavi  -   - - Nil -
Gandhidham 3 7 6  Nil 63

・ Measles vaccination started on 9th February and till 7th March 89,365 children covered alongwith Vitamin A supplementation programme.
・ Central team in 4 groups visited 6 villages of 3 Talukas and contacted 1378 individuals. 4cases of Diarrhea and 7cases of Fever detected.
・ Entomological Survey: 295 places checked. 5 found positive (2 Anopheline and 3 Aedes )
・ Blood smears of patients suffering from fever: 193 smears examined and none found positive.
・ Drinking water tested for residual chlorine: 7 out of 75 samples found positive.
・ Drinking water tested for coliform: 13 samples checked, 8 found positive.
・ Disinfection carried out effectively. No unusual increase in waterborne diseases and vector borne disease like Malaria.
・ UNICEF providing 40 lakh doses of measles vaccine with auto-destructive syringes.
・ Prefabricated infrastructure for 176 anganwadi and 145 sub centres are being provided. Restoring cold chain in the affected places.
・ Anti-fly measures using Bayer 1000 (Fenthion) spray in out door locations and in breeding spots have been initiated by local health authorities to fight increase in fly nuisance in the affected areas. Efforts are made for proper disposal of garbage, human and animal excreta particularly in and around camps and community kitchers.

・ 992 primary schools out of 1359 primary schools destroyed.
・ 4179 classrooms completely destroyed.
・ Out of 38 Secondary schools, 6 are completely destroyed, 14 suffered heavy damage and remaining 12 partially damaged. Only 6 are in good condition.
・ Out of 1288 non-Government schools, 9 destroyed, 11 suffered heavy damage, 99 partially damaged and only 9 in good condition.

・ All 45 damaged sub-stations & all 255 damaged feeders energised/restored.
・ Power Supply fully restored in Kachchh area and in all 925 villages.
・ Road, rail and air traffic restored
・ By 2nd February 2001 Telecommunication Services restored in all 147 exchanges. 43 Hotlines provided.

・ Out of 18 towns and 1340 villages affected, water supply resorted to 9 towns through pipes and 9 through tankers. Water supply restored in all 1340 affected villages through pipes and tankers.
・ Essential supplies of food and other commodities ensured.
・ To ensure effective civil administration, each Tehsil converted to a unit equivalent to District with senior relief coordinator. 28 senior IAS officers deployed in the affected areas alongwith additional administrative staff.
・ Gujarat State Government distributing kits free of cost containing 50 kg of flour, 3 kg rice, 1 litre edible oil, 600 gms spices, 2 kg potato and 1 kg onion per family.
・ Total no of free kits distributed 2,43,519.
・ All ration shops operational including Kachchh.
・ Kachchh: Food grains supplied- 23637 MT, vegetable supplied-478.04 MT, edible oil-450 MT, diesel supply-21730 KL, petrol supply- 3002 KL and kerosene supply- 5417 Kl..

・ State Government informed that there is no discrimination on the ground of religion/communities in distribution of Relief material
・ The pattern of relief adopted for death, cash doles, household kits, houses destroyed/damaged, cattle death, injuries, free distribution of fodder, prescribed by Revenue Department of Government of Gujarat.
・ As per the revised norm of Gujarat Relief Manual per Unit rate is Rs.1 lakh Ex gratia for death, Rs.15 for 30 days as cash dole, Rs.1250/- Gratuitous relief, Rs.500 for huts damaged, Rs.10000/- for huts destroyed, Rs. 15,000/- for houses damaged, Rs.30,000 for houses destroyed and Rs.5,000/- for livestock death. Accordingly, the estimated financial implication on this count is Rs.3885.85 crore.
・ Labourers coming on relief work allowed the benefit of availing foodgrains at subsidized rate.
・ Death relief: Elders Rs. 1 lakh, Minors Rs. 60,000, Government/Semi-Government Employees & Teachers Rs. 1.5 lakh and School Children Rs. 1.10 lakh. For Government/Semi Government employees & Teachers/School Children the relief includes Rs. 50,000 as additional relief for those who participated in Republic Day duty.
・ Compulsory provision of deduction of amount of revenue stamps from beneficiary withdrawn by Gujarat Government.
・ Total Grants allotted: Rs.166.85 crore out of which Rs. 13 crore from CM Relief Fund & Rs. 153.85 crore from Gujarat Govt's budget
・ State Government decided to provide grass free of cost for 30 days @ 4 kg per day per cattle in entire Kachchh and villages of other affected areas.
・ Special officers appointed at important places for allocation of relief material
・ Assistance provided by the State Government to affected families :
・ Death compensation paid - Rs. 43.55 crore
・ Cash doles paid to 8.76 lakh families - Rs 60.48 crore
・ Household kits paid to 3.49 lakh families - Rs. 33.80 crore
・ The requirement of tents/tarpauline estimated at 3.27 lakhs. 2,74,954 families covered from the actual supply of 2.98 lakh Tents/tarpauline, 5000 GCI sheets (8 sheet for 1 family), and 1300 asbestos sheets (4 sheets for 1 family). Against the order placed by Govt. of Gujarat for 17300 MT with SAIL, 4200 MT supply received and 26,000 families covered as against the target of 1,03,000.

・ Gujarat Disaster Management Authority under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister Gujarat established to implement the Rehabilitation packages on 8.2.2001. So far it held three meetings.
・ Based on the Authority's recommendation four rehabilitation packages for housing sector and also a temporary shelter scheme finalised.
・ The authority also constituted a 9 member advisory committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Y.K. Alagh to advise the authority for strengthening public-private partnership programme. The Committee comprises renowned experts from the sectors of economics, social service, industry, housing finance, education, administration, architecture and health management.
・ A new department of Earthquake Relief set up by Gujarat Government.
・ The Gujarat Government announces Four reconstruction packages on 13.2.2001 and it has since been operationalised. The First package envisages Public-Private Partnership Programme in relocation of villages in the worst affected areas. 12 Hectares of area for a normative village of 200 households & population of 1000 planned.
・ The Second package aims at rehabilitation & reconstruction of damaged houses in earthquake zone IV & V and also declared as worst affected.
・ The Third & Forth packages are for in situ rehabilitation & reconstruction in other areas of State and for urban areas, respectively.
・ Corporation/Area Development Authority (Except Bhuj, Anjar, Bhachau, Rapar)
・ Industries Department has declared package providing various assistance to Industrial units, as well as artisans and small shopkeepers.
・ Agri. Package for Agri. Formers has also been declared.

IMD - Report :
・ As per the last report of the IMD earthquake shocks are still continuing. 535 after shocks of magnitude 3.0 and above were felt till 0511 hours of 12/03/2001.

As per information received from State Government of Gujarat, the provisional extent of damage(as on 26.2.2001) is as under: -

S.No. Districts Human Death
1 Ahmedabad 751
2 Amreli 0
3 Anand 1
4 Banaskantha 32
5 Bharuch 9
6 Bhavnagar 4
7 Gandhinagar 8
8 Jamnagar  119
9 Junagadh  8
10 Kachchh (Bhuj) 18,416
11 Kheda 0
12 Mehsana  0
13 Navsari  17
14 Patan 38
15 Porbandar 9
16 Rajkot 433
17 Surat 46
18 Surendranagar 113
19 Vadodara 1
20 Sabarkantha 0
21 Valsad 0
Total: 20,005


Airports Authority of India (AAI)
・ Satellite based communications restored immediately on 27.1.2001.
・ Kandla airport activated for helicopter operations on 27.1.2001 and for small aircraft on 28.1.2001.
・ Airport charges waived off for all relief flights.
・ Power supply restored through back-up arrangements at Kandla airport.
・ AAI and its employees donated Rs. 2.25 crores to the PM's National Relief Fund.
・ Upto 5.2.2001, 78 civilian flights including 49 international flights and 188 military aircrafts with relief material handled at Ahmedabad airport.
Air India & Indian Airlines
・ Transportation facilities extended for relief material from abroad.
・ Request to all airlines for transportation of relief material from all over the world particularly points not covered by Air India.
・ 99 additional flights to Bhuj/Ahmedabad/Jamnagar operated till 5th February and 36 additional flights planned.
・ Free air transportation of relief materials weighing 516 MTs.
・ Free handling facilities to charter flights bringing in relief materials from the State Governments and foreign Governments.
・ Rescue teams with tracking dogs from US, UK, Spain, France and Italy specially flown to help in the evacuation of victims.
・ 10,000 fleece blankets contributed by the Indian community in Indonesia flown by Air India from Jakarta to Mumbai on 31st January & 1st February.
Private/Foreign Airlines
・ 85 civil and military aircraft already landed at Ahmedabad and Bhuj bringing relief personnel and relief materials.
・ One IL 76 freighter aircraft offered by Turkmenistan Airlines and three B737 freighter aircraft offered by Blue Dart, which have been placed at the disposal of Indian Air force.
・ As on 12.02.2001, 85 flights landed at Ahmedabad carrying 620 manpower, 17 dogs, 9235 and 60 tonnes of tents, 58598 and 11520 kgs/117 cartons/213 packets of blankets. For Bhuj, 97 flights landed carrying with 562 manpower, 12 dogs, 7496 tents and 6500 blankets.

ARMY (report as on 26.02.2001)
・ 2,000 Troops deployed. Presently two Engineer Regiments with a Engineer Brigade HQ are deployed in Bhuj and Bhachau.
・ Major equipment deployed
JCB/Dozers - 8, Tipper - 7, Compressor - 3, Generators - 10 and Water purification - 3 Nos.
・ Surgeries performed - 11,798, Medical aid given - 17,566 patients
・ Evacuations (serious patients) - 484, rescued - 478, dead bodies recovered - 2309
・ 11 tented colonies (relief camp) presently functioning at various places.
・ 706 villages visited by relief team.
・ Demolition of Takshala buildings, Shahpoint and Jain Bhavan in Bhuj is in progress.
・ Demolition of Mandvi Light House has been carried out.
・ Mechanized demolition of 3 no. of Buildings by Army at Bachau is in progress.
・ Deinduction : 1/3n Gorkha Rifle on 16th Feb. 311 Field Ambulance on 17th Feb. 4010 Field Ambulanceon 20th Feb. Field Coy ex 2 Engineer Regiment on 21st Feb. 2 Maratha Light and 411 Field Ambulance on 22nd Feb. 3/4 Gorkha regiment, 108 Engineer Regiment and 15 R&O Flight on 23rd Feb. 54 Engineer Regiments and 237 Engineer Regiment less 1 No. Task Force on 25th Feb.

・ 6 IL-76, 18AN-32, 4 AVRO, 3 DORNIER and 16 helicopters pressed into service
・ Till 0600 hours 16th February, 969 sorties carrying relief materials, IAF tentage etc.
・ Bulk of the relief material and equipments air lifted from the various air bases
・ Total tonnage of loads carried so far is over 4944 tonnes approximately and 700 people evacuated.
・ Air efforts wound up since 17.2.2001, as there is no load to carry now.

・ Naval operation discontinued with effect from 08.02.2001.
・ 30 men team with INMARSAT despatched to Porbandar
・ INS Ganga carried relief material for Kandla and two naval ships converted into hospital ships where surgeries were performed. Twins born. 115 patients treated in ship hospitals. 302 patients treated at other Navy hospitals/clinics.
・ Disaster management and surgical team sent to Bhuj with medical equipment
・ A Dornier sorty operated between Mumbai and Kandla with 960 ltrs of fresh water.
・ Damage assessment carried out by Naval Officer Incharge in all ports
・ Survey of channel in the Gulf of Kachchh undertaken by INS Nirdeshak
・ Assistance provided for removal of dead bodies at Kandla and Gandhidham
・ So far Navy has carried a total of 45.8 tonnes of food and medicines in addition to 30.00 tonnes of cooked food/Naval rations and 200.00 tonnes of rations from Government of Maharashtra
・ Chief of Naval Staff visited Naval Units of Gujarat on 4.2.2001
・ All Naval personnel including civilian have donated 1 day's salary in aid of earth quake victims
・ The Navy has adopted Moda village in Jamnagar district

National Cadet Corps (NCC)
・ NCC carried out the task of debris removal, removal of dead bodies, shifting injured people to hospitals, distribution of food, water and relief supplies. Setting up of tents and blood donation. 3.00 tonnes of food items supplied to the earthquake victims. Also donated 6,000 blankets, 8000 durries, and 550 tents to the affected people. In addition 1040 kgs of plaster of paris, 550 kgs of bandages, 34 Nos. of plastic sheets, 40 kgs of Gur, 400 kgs of rice, 200 kgs of dal, 29 Nos. of blankets and 5000 Nos. of match boxes despatched.

・ Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) under the Chairmanship of Home Minister was constituted on 30th January 2001.
・ Home Minister rushed to Ahmedabad immediately contacted Chief Secretary and after giving his assessment instructed the need to rush medical teams, medicines and other relief material.
・ Civil Defence Wing of Ministry of Home Affairs send the working teams of State Fire Personnel equipped with rescue tools and equipments alongwith the Fire Adviser of the Ministry to assist the State Administration.

26.1.01 - Immediately released for rescue & relief
RAF 4 COYs ( 1 Ahmedabad & 1 Bhuj)
CRPF 1 COY ( Ahmedabad)
BSF 4 COY (Kachchh)
SSB 6 COY (3 Bhuj & 3 Jamnagar)
RAF 2 COYs (Bhuj)
BSF 4 COY s (Gandhidham/Bhuj Ahmedabad)
CISF 12 COYs (Ahmedabad, Bhuj, Kandla, Mehsana)

At present - 47 COYs available

・ CISF deployed team of 10 officers under DIG(Fire) at Bhuj with Hydraulic cutters
・ CISF has deployed 10 companies at Bhuj and Kandla as on 14.02.2001.
・ Specialized rescue equipment with 4 officers & 16 firemen sent to Gujarat from Delhi
・ CISF established wireless network between Delhi & Kandla, Bhuj. Ahmedabad
・ CRPF established wireless stations at Adohi, Bimsar, Rapar
・ BSF : Medical cover to 2702 persons. Rescued alive 47 persons. Providing water, dry ration, food packets, fresh vegetables.

・ IPCL decided to donate Rs. 3 crore worth polythene films. IPCL employees donated Rs.25 lakhs to the CM's Relief Fund.
・ 6000 blankets sent to Relief Commissioner, Ahmedabad.
・ Provided Fire Tender, Engg. Equipments and operating crew, gas cutting equipments.
・ Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India rushed critical medicines on 27th January, 2001.
・ Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association rushed their members to the quake affected areas with supplies of life saving drugs, IV fluids, IV antibiotics, other injectible antibiotics, injectible pain killers etc. IDMA has contributed medicines/materials worth Rs. 1 crore.

Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative Limited
・ A Team of Senior Officer rushed to Kandla on 27th Morning to assess the damage to the Plants
・ Reconstruction and rehabilitation activities in full swing
・ According to the preliminary estimates reconstruction and rehabilitation will cost around Rs. 50-60 crores

Coal India Limited /Neyveli Lignite Corporation/Singareni Collieries:
・ A medical team consisting of 5 doctors and 7 para medical staff rushed to Ahmedabad from Nagpur on 30th January, 2001 alongwith medicines worth Rs. 1.00 lakh, surgical equipments and 5000 blankets worth Rs. 12.00 lakh. Heavy engineering materials were also sent for relief operations.
・ JCB pay loaders - 3, PC 200 Shovel - 1 and Crawler mounted Bulldozers - 2 alongwith 10 personnel and 10 small tents were sent from New Delhi to Gandhidham
・ Donation to PM's Relief Fund from the employees/Unions : CIL - Rs.12 Crores, NLC - Rs.2 crores, SCCL - Rs.1.4 crore.

・ JS (Coordn.) was appointed as Coordinator in MEA to liaise with NDM committee and to handle all enquiry from the Indian Missions abroad, and the foreign missions in New Delhi.
・ Missions were advised that flight clearance request be sent directly DGCA/Air HQrs.]
・ Arrangements made for issue of 15 days visa at the entry point without any delay to the relief teams arriving from foreign countries.
・ Missions were advised to publicise NDM web site.
・ Senior Officer deputed to assist Gujarat Government at Ahmedabad.
・ MEA website has provided a hyper link to PMO website for contributions to the PM's Relief Fund.

・ No cap on ways and means advance to State Governments
・ Relaxation of Overdraft Regulation Scheme.
・ Rs.85 crores released from National Calamity Contingency Fund(NCCF).
・ Rs. 500 crores financial assistance as ad hoc release of share in central taxes.
・ Rs. 10 crores sanctioned from PM Relief fund
・ Additional special surcharge of 1% on tax payable by domestic companies levied for creating initial corpus of NCCF to mobilise tax collection of Rs. 350 crores.
・ Additional surcharge of 2% levied on tax payable by non-corporate assessee to mobilise tax collection of Rs. 1300 crores
・ 100% deduction for Income Tax purpose on donations made to charitable institutions, trusts or funds registered with IT Department for providing relief to the victims of earthquake.
・ 100% deduction on donation under PM/CM Relief Fund
・ Relief material exempted from customs/excise duty.
・ Central Board of Excise and Customs immediately decided to sanction Rs. 50 lakh in first instance to the officers and staff badly affected by the earth quake - reportedly expired.
・ Customs authorities full cooperation for providing any help from custom angle for landing of flights with relief personnel and material.

・ One lakh tonnes of foodgrains - Wheat ( 80,000 tonnes), Rice (20,000 tonnes) allotted
・ Advance release of 10,000 tonnes of levy sugar to the State
・ Ready-to-eat food packets weighing over 37 tonnes airlifted on 27 - 29, Jan. 2001.
・ 95,000 MT of free food grains allowed to be diverted by the State from allocation earlier made for food for work to meet immediate relief
・ Rs. 5 Crores contributed (FCI-2, CWC-2, and BIS-1). Employees of the Ministry are donating 1 day's salary.
・ Govt. of Gujarat lifted 2945 MT wheat and 479 MT rice against special allocation for earthquake relief.
・ Community kitchen & lungar organised by NGOs & Socio-religious organisations running in affected areas

・ Regular monitoring of medical arrangements at the DGHS Hqrs.
・ Team of Doctors from Government hospitals deployed right from first day alongwith medical equipments and supply
・ Public Health Specialist sent from NICD & NIMP deputed to prevent outbreak of any possible epidemics. At present 74 officers / officials which include medical / para-medical and other supporting staff of various institutes joined the Disease Surveillance Cell established at Bhuj on 5.2.2001.
・ Serious injured patients flown to Mumbai/Ahmedabad for treatment
・ Overwhelming response from private hospitals and NGOs.
・ Rs 5.7 crores of medical supplies sent to affected areas. X-Ray machines including portable X-Ray and other medical equipments rushed to affected areas.
・ 64 Doctors with Ambulances sent from various Delhi hospitals to affected areas.
・ 82 officers/officials of various institutes under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GOI in Bhuj.

・ The employees of the Ministry collected 2 boxes of cloths and food items and sent it to Gujarat Bhavan. The MIT main Secretariat employees donated Rs.2,12,996 /- .

・ BALCO donated Rs. 17 lakhs as one day's salary of their employees to the PM's Relief Fund
・ Geological Survey of India donated 225 tents.
・ Hindustan Zinc Limited donated tents to accommodate 1000 persons. 1100 mattresses and 1175 quilts, 120 dari, 3 diesel generators, 1 JCB excavators, dry food packets for 20,000 persons, One crane, 300 bed rolls, 1000 wollen Khes, and other relief materials.

・ Koyali (IOC) - Normal operations continued
・ Jamnagar (RPL) - Shutdown on 26th Jan. due to power failure
・ Crude oil pipeline from Salaya, feeding Koyali/Mathura/Panipat refineries, resumed operations since 27th Jan after due checking.
・ Product pipelines from Vadinar to Kandla & Kandla to Bhatinda under shutdown. Expected to resume operations soon. However, product availability not affected due to alternative arrangements made.
Petroleum supplies
・ Despatches resumed from Jamnagar by Rail on 26th Jan & by road on 27th Jan.
・ Despatches resumed from Kandal on 27th Jan. by arranging manpower and DG sets from other locations.
・ Supplies to Kutch area supplemented from Sabarmati, Rajkot, Sidhpur, etc.
・ Direct supplies of Kerosene resumed on 28th Jan.
・ Of 60 Retail Outlets in Kutch, 56 are operating now.
・ All 13 LPG distributors in Kutch are operating.
・ Supplies made during 27th to 31st Jan 2001
・ MS-724 KL, HSD-1727 KL
・ SKO-754 KL, ATF-122 KL
・ Rs.40 crores is being contributed by oil PSUs toward PM's relief fund.
・ Supply of Diesel and Kerosene from 27th Jan to 1st Feb. 2001
・ Diesel - 20.45 lakh litres
・ Kerosene - 8.62 lakh litres
・ 5 villages being adopted by five Navratana oil PSUs
・ An additional quota of 450 lakh litres of Kerosene allotted.

Utility items provided
・ 3673 Petromax/Lanterns 200 Drums
・ 13 water tankers 13 Durry
・ 10000 utensils 209 Polythene sheets
・ 3538 blankets 550 helmets
・ 11500 Litres mineral water 1090 mtr. Cloth 65 Tonne
・ food items
・ 1300 bedsheets 97 wollen jerseys
・ 38 tents 11 trucks of clothes/
・ 740 safety shoes medicines/grocery/
・ 2300 socks containers
・ 2000 plastic containers

・ Union Power Minister has taken special care and attention in the immediate restoration of power supply in affected areas.
・ Electricity restored in all 45 damaged sub-stations, 255 damaged feeders restored and all 955 villages in Kachchh.
・ DG sets: 19 large sets sent for utilisation of GEB at Bhuj/Anjar.
・ Normal load of 320 MW in Kachchh area has been restored.
・ Manpower: 220 engineers/skilled operative staff positioned to assist at Anjar/Bhuj for restoration of supply. 20 doctors & 3 para medical staff of NTPC deployed.
・ 41 truckloads of relief materials including plastic tents, blankets, bed sheets, food items and medicines despatched by POWERGRID & NTPC for Bhuj/Anjar.
・ Community kitchen started at Anjar by NTPC and serving 300 people daily.
・ Camp office of NTPC and Powergrid established to coordinate relief and rehabilitation at Anjar.
・ Powered/NTPC together engaged in repair / recommissioning of 10 GEB major sub-stations.
・ LT Transmission distribution materials supplied.
・ Restoration of 220 KV PANANDRO-Anjar Tr. Line on 28.1.2001.
・ A loan of Rs.100 crores sanctioned by PFC for reconstruction / rehabilitation of transmission and distribution system.
・ NTPC agreed to provide working capital facility of Rs. 60 crores by deferring part bill payments for February and March 2001 against issue of unsecured bonds.
・ REC sanctioned a loan of Rs.100 crores to GEB.
・ Under Accelerated Power Development Programme (APDP), Kachchh district will be adopted and made into a centre of excellence for sub-transmission, distribution and R & M.
・ Minister of Power accompanied by Addl. Secretary and CMDs of NTPC & Powergrid visited the affected areas for assessment.
・ Out of total 23167 pump sets in Kachchh area, 90 per cent have been engegised. Remaining 10 per cent badly affected.

・ Costs Track Rs. 35 crores
Signal & Telephones Rs. 15 crores
Electrical Rs. 7 crores
Misc. Rs. 3 crores
Total Rs. 60 crores
・ Track
・ Viramgam-Gandhidham Broad Gauge (BG)
・ Gandhidham-Bhuj (BG)
・ Viramgam-Okha (BG0
・ Palanpur-Gandhidham Metre Gauge (MG)
・ Heavy damage to station buildings, station cabins, residential quarters, bridges in the affected sections
・ Signalling equipments at 25 stations and Control communications on Viramgram-Gandhidham section damaged
・ Bridge No.48 between Kukma and Bhuj has been restored on 3rd February.
BG Track
・ Rajkot-Okha on 26.1.2001
・ Viramgram-Samakhiali on 28.1.2001
・ Wankaner-Navalakhi on 28.1.2001
・ Samakhiali-Gandhidham on 29.1.2001
・ Gandhidham-Kukma on 29.1.2001
・ Kukma-New Bhuj on 3.2.2001
MG Track
・ Palanput-Kidiyanagar on 28.1.2001
・ Kidiyanagar-Gandhidham on 31.1.2001
・ Telecommunications - Overhead alignment and control communication up to Gandhidham restored.
・ Signalling-8 stations restored until 30/1/2001 - At 13 stations block working restored until 1/2/2001 but these stations were working on non-interlocked basis. Final restoration at 17 stations dependent on completion of building activities.
・ 48 special trains operated till 9th February to clear victims and their families from the affected areas. This includes carrying of relatives of quake victims and NGOs free of cost and more than 40,000 passengers.
・ As a part of its relief activities Indian Railways have mobilized more than 5000 man-days for restoration of railway traffic.
・ Wagons loaded with GI sheets, bulldozers and water tank wagons directed for relief work. Separate Special trains carrying Bull dozer, GI Strips, material, water tank, crane, earth moving, firewood, fodder, bamboo, Hay, and other specials were despatched to Gujarat.
・ Movement of relief material ordered free of cost since 27.01.2001.
・ All railway good sheds along the quake-hit areas offered for providing shelter for the people rendered homeless.
・ Three medical relief trains moved to Ahmedabad, Udna and Palanpur with a team of doctors and medical equipment for evacuation of injured and medical relief. "Railway Helpline" medical camps set up to assist victims.

・ Out of 650 Kms of national highways damaged 100 Kms severely damaged.
・ Most of the minor/major bridges damaged.
・ National Highways made traffic worthy.
・ Control Room activated at Ahmedabad within a few hours of earthquake.
・ Despite tragic demise of Shri Barhat, DE dealing with Surajbari Bridge in Bachau as a result of the earthquake, Surarjbari Bridge was made operational on 27th January itself for light vehicles.
・ Diverted the machinery like trucks/dumpers, JCBs, loaders etc for relief work.
・ On request, CEMINDIA despatched six concrete breakers alongwith Gas Cutters for Kachchh.
・ Deputed 77 labourers working in NH 8A and NH8C alongwith 4 work assistants for earthquake relief work in Kachchh.

・ Additional allocation of Rs.250 crores over and above the normal allocation for constructing earthquake proof housing for BPL families in rural areas.
・ Assistance of Rs.22,000 per dwelling unit proposed for the affected districts.
・ HUDCO and other expert agencies are being consulted with respect to appropriate earthquake proof technology.
・ CAPART earmarked Rs.5 crores initially to meet short and long term relief and rehabilitation activities. Immediately after the earthquake Rural Agro Research Development Society rushed with 10,000 tarpaulin sheets, 20,000 chatais for setting up tents for 10,000 families.
・ Regional Committees (RC) of CAPART to coordinate with RC Ahmedabad for collection and transportation of relief material who will identify NGOs for distribution of relief material. CAPART to consider funding assistance for the activities such as temporary shelters, permanent community shelters, construction of common facilities centres for rehabilitation of artisans, weavers etc., community kitchens, special projects for widows, destitutes, orphans, disabled and trauma affected.

・ On 26th January, 2001 a Control Room set up by Kandla Port Trust (KPT) to keep in touch with Civil Administration and Ministry.
・ Berths No.1 to 5 at Kandla Port have developed major structural damage worth Rs. 600 lakhs.
・ Berths No.6 to 9 are functional.
・ Port has provided following equipment in Gandhidham:
Escalators 31 Payloaders 61
Cranes 36 Dumpers 376
Forklifts 2
・ Cargo operations on relief vessels is being undertaken
・ 12 cranes despatched by DG (Shipping) to Kandla to speed up relief work.
・ Mumbai Port despatched 4 fork lift trucks.
・ KPT provided Rs. 10 lakh for medical assistance for treating the injured by providing doctors and medicines. Deployed CISF of KPT for relief work in Gandhidam - Adipur areas.
・ Between 27th to 31st January, 2001 KPT incurred Rs. 8.40 lakh diesel to vehicles plying for relief work, Rs. 4.60 lakh for drinking water supply to township areas, Rs. 1 lakh for hiring vehicles for relief work, and Rs. 1.74 lakh for providing fire tenders on relief work.

・ Rs. 25 lakhs released in favour of Helpage India for providing immediate relief to women, children and families rendered destitutes.
・ Seven Mobile Medical Units (MMU) deployed by Helpage India, and 10 more MMUs committed.
・ Rs. 2.00 crores earmarked for 100 Shelters each accommodating 50 persons for medical care, psychosocial counselling, food, etc.
・ ALIMCO, Kanpur despatched (2000 items) aids and assistive devices for persons becoming handicapped due to injuries. Additional requirements to be met from Rs.2 crores provided under the scheme of purchase/fitting of aids & appliances (ADIP).
・ Rs.15 lakhs to Animal Welfare Board of India for the relief of animals affected by the earthquake.

・ Rs. 3,70,038 donated by Supreme Court towards PM's Relief Fund.

・ Bhilai Steel Plant despatched to Gujarat 3 Excavators, 1 Dumper and 3 crewmembers on 27.1.2001. 10 Gas cutters and crewmembers despatched to Gujarat on 28 & 29.1.2001 from Ferro Scrap Nigam Ltd & Hindustan Steel Works Construction Ltd.
・ Relief Teams deployed for clearing rubble from Multi storied shopping complexes at Adipur. More than 5000 tons debris removed till 5th February.
・ Rs.2.44 crore donated to PM's Relief Fund.

・ Telecommunication disrupted
・ Number of Exchanges (in Bhuj) Total Damaged Restored
147 147 145
・ Total Lines 82,000
・ Optical Fibre systems Bhuj-Bhachau-Rajkot 140 Mbps (damaged at Bhachau)
・ Overload Exchanges started choking due to heavy traffic (12
lakh calls/hr)
・ Estimated cost of damage Rs.200 crores

On 26th January 2001
・ Restoration of 2,000 lines Bhuj Exchange (CDOT-MBM).
・ Restoration of 2,000 lines Gandhidham Exchange.
・ Putting through two 34 MBps Microwave systems to Rajkot-
・ Installation of Optical fibre end-link (8mbps) at Bhuj.
・ 2 INMARSAT terminals were rushed to site.
・ Hot-lines provided from Ahmedabad/Bhuj to New Delhi for PMO, Cabinet Secretary and Krishi Control Room,
・ To save Ahmedabad and Rajkot TAX from overloading additional channels were terminated in Local Exchange bypassing above two TAXs.

・ Secretary, DOT alongwith Member (Services) - Ex-Officio Secretary and other senior officers visited the affected areas from 27th January 2001 onwards to monitor the restoration telecom network.
・ Exchange commissioned - 145
・ Free PCOs opened - 103 (INMARSAT 23, Land-line - 49)
・ Help Lines have been opened at Bhuj, Gandhidham and Kandla).
Hot Lines provided - 43
・ Optical Fibre links restored - All 13 SDCAs
・ Satellite Phones 50
・ 4 VSATs in closed user group have been provided in Rapar.
・ 2 MCPC VSATs restored.
・ Transmission systems added for relief - 96 stream of 2 Mbps.
・ In Bhuj, both the main exchanges are functional. Gandidham all three main exchanges functional. Mundra, Mandavi, Nakhatrana, Dayapar(Lakhpat), Rahpar, Naliya Exchanges functional. In Anjar E-10B RLU functional.
・ STD service working satisfactorily in all Talukas, including Bhuj.
・ In Bhachau Taluka, 256 port exchange is commissioned in Tent due to total damage. Exchanges at all Taluka headquarters restored.
・ Internet Service restored at Bhuj.
・ Helplines started functioning at Bhuj, Gandhidham and Kandla.

・ Minister of Textiles along with the senior officials visited on 16th February.
・ State has already started surveying the affected weavers in the identified districts.
・ Weavers' Service Centre, Gujarat requested to liaison with the State Government.]
・ To provide an immediate relief to the weavers they will be allowed to participate in the National Handloom Expo being organised at Guwahati from 16th March 2001 to 05th April 2001. A participation of Rs.3000/- upto a ceiling of two will be provided to the staff of Handloom Corporations, Apex Societies and Primary Weavers Handloom Societies.
・ A special event is also being organised by the Office of DC(Handlooms) and DC(Handicrafts) at Dilli Haat, New Delhi from 16th March 2001 for 15 days.
・ Office of the DC(Handlooms) to provide assistance under the Workshed-cum-Housing Scheme and an amount of Rs.460.00 lakhs sanctioned. Out of which Rs.230.00 lakhs released as first installment for construction of 2500 units of Workshed-cum-Houses (2000 Rural and 500 Urban units) vide sanction order dated 30.1.2001, for the earthquake affected handloom weavers of the State.
・ In order to rehabilitate the affected weavers, a comprehensive package formulated under the Deen Dayal Hathkargha Protsahan Yojana with a total central grant of Rs.425 lakhs.
・ DC(Handicrafts) :
・ Rs.50.00 lakhs as share participation capital released to Gujarat State Handicrafts Development Corporation for the specific purpose of procurement of finished products from the craftsperson of affected areas.
・ Gujarat Corporation already made procurement worth Rs.13.00 lakhs from Kachchh.
・ Necessary relaxation obtained from Ministry of Finance in the approved scheme to enable release of assistance of 100% grant-in-aid for construction of 5000 work-sheds.
・ 14 artisans participated in Swadeshi Vanvasi Mela at New Delhi from the affected areas. 50 stalls allotted for craftsperson from affected areas in the forthcoming programme from 16th March 2001 to 31st March 2001 in Dilli Haat. 30 stalls provided in the Jhansi Mahotsav scheduled for Feb. 28th to 9th March 2001.
・ The EPCH, HHEC, NEHHDC, CCIC, Jodhpur Exporters Association, Carpet Exporters and Office of the DC(Handicrafts) HQrs contributed an amount of Rs.56.26 crores.

・ BMTPC sent 3 structural engineers, 3 architects and 1 geologist for making preliminary damages, on 29.1.2001.
・ CMD, HUDCO met Chief Secretary, Gujarat and offered financial and technical assistance by HUDCO on 30-31st January, 2001.
・ Union UD Minister advised all Chief Ministers drawing their attention to the disaster prepared measures already communicated to them in May, 1998.
・ Rapid Damage Assessment Survey Team visited affected area on 5th February.
・ HUDCO proposes to adopt a few model villages and bastis for comprehensive development.
・ HUDCO is setting up field project management offices in Bhuj and Anjar.

・ Ministry of Water Resources through its organisations like CGWB/WAPCOS/CSMRS has initiated various relief measures to areas affected by earthquake.
・ The very next day of earthquake the Ahmedabad unit of Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) swung into action.
・ Local CGWB offered immediate assistance in drilling of wells, providing water tankers, diesel generator sets, gas cutting sets, tents, a tractor and pumps with gensets apart from manpower.
・ CGWB prepared an action plan on the relief measures. CGWB has set up a target of drilling and construction of 100 additional tubewells for supply of drinking water in the affected areas.
・ CGWB deployed two rigs in Bhuj area and eight more rigs are on way to be deployed in affected areas for construction of tubewells on emergent basis. This is in addition providing tankers attached to many of these tubewells in order to effect the water supply to the nearby villages and towns.
・ A target of 100 additional tubewells for supply of drinking water in the affected areas is made by CGWB.
・ Efforts are also in the making to transfer 27 tubewells to the State Government, which have already been constructed in the State.
・ Equipments like diesel generating sets, trolley mounted water tankers, and pump sets with diesel generating sets made available to State officials for relief operations.
・ M/s Water and Power Consultancy Services (India) Ltd., WAPCOS a public sector undertaking provided tents, buckets, drums, camp chairs, tables, water filters, sleeping bags, bed mattress and blankets etc to the base camp.
・ Central Sol and Material Research Station (CSMRS) made available its 24 channel seismographer and geologger for the use of CGWB.
・ National Projects Construction Corporation (NPCC) a public sector under taking under the Ministry offered to undertake reconstruction of houses, roads, projects and other infrastructure works on no profit no loss basis. Services of their engineers, technicians and machine operators were also offered to State Government.
・ Services of 12 Technical Officers of CGWB from other States diverted Bhuj area of Gujarat.
・ Chairman, CGWB & JS (Admn.) visited Kutch areas on 10-11th February 2001 to assess the situation, for further necessary assistance to Gujarat.
・ As on 7th March 2001, 9 rigs are presently working in the affected areas. The CGWB has identified 20 sites in consultation with the State Government immediate drilling is to be undertaken. Work on nine more wells under progress. Field water samples analysed at regional chemical laboratory, Ahmedabad. Bhuj Camp of CGWB is now equipped with computer. One CGWB piezometer well put in operation with pump for water supply. Mobile chemical lab is working in Kachchh. Water supply is made from three places to Earthquake victims.

・ Being nodal Department for UNICEF and CARE activities in India, these organisations were requested to send their representatives.
・ On the report of team officers sent to Ahmedabad, the Department decided as under:
・ Approval to permit operationalisation of 24 ICDS projects during 2001-2002 to universalise the ICDS in the State.
・ Additional grant of Rs. 7.38 crore for newly sanctioned projects initiated.
・ Distribution of ready to eat food in 15 most affected ICDS blocks for next 3 months through WFP / CARE.
・ UNICEF requested to deliver 15 vehicles for use by ICDS blocks.
・ Approval conveyed for purchase of utensils @ Rs.2000 per anganwadi centre in 15 worst affected ICDS blocks.
・ 200 creches proposed to be opened.
・ Proposals for opening 50 short stay homes, 10 working women hostels, release of Rs.50 lakh under NORAD scheme and Rs. 20 lakh under Scheme of General Grants-in-aid under consideration.
・ Rs. 75.60 lakh released for construction of 10-hostel building for working women and a day care centre.
・ Rs. 5.00 lakh grants-in-aid released to NGOs for setting up 20 temporary working women hostels.
・ Rs. 112.50 lakh released for 50 short stay homes for women and girls who have no social support system.
・ Rs. 50.00 lakh released for training of poor women on traditional/non-traditional basis.
・ Rs. 20.00 lakh released as grants-in-aid to voluntary organisations in the field in the Women and Child Development.

・ Ministry despatched Executive Director Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan and Joint Secretary, Youth Affairs to Gujarat to immediately develop a relief programme for Youth Volunteers

・ Relief assistance given both in cash & kind from various State Governments liberally.
・ Food, blankets, medicine, medical personnel, water, tankers and equipments, etc sent by various State Governments/UTs directly also.
・ CM's relief fund has received a donation of 31.74 crores from PM's Relief Fund and from other States/individuals and firms.
・ Adman & Nicobar Islands : Rs. 40.00 lakh donated to Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.
・ Assam : Rs. 5.00 lakh donated from CM's Relief Fund. Assam- Gujarat Welfare Society has sent 2000 blankets and 60 bags of clothing to the Relief Commissioner, Gujarat, and Ahmedabad.
・ Andhra Pradesh :
・ Rs. 5.00 crores donated from CM's Relief Fund
・ 4420 woolen blankets, 1381 sweaters, 5.00 tonnes medicines, 27.155 tonnes food material, 1020 water bottles, 20,000 water pouches, 120 petromax lights, 147 tents and 21 shamianas and 30.00 tonnes food/other materials worth value of Rs. 67.12 lakhs also donated in kind.
・ A team of 4 doctors and medicines sent to Ahemadabad and Bhuj
・ 12 Police communication experts and 15 HAM operators with eqiupments
Working at Ahmadabad and Bhuj
・ Two special trains left Ahmedabad and Gandhidam with 40.00 tonnes of
relief material and 1000 people/volunteers
・ A convoy of 15 lorry loads of rice despatched to Ahmedabad/Bhuj
・ 22.30 MTs relief material sent by flight from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad on 27 & 28th January, 2001. Also 42.39 MTs relief material sent by Turkministan cargo aircraft IL-76 on 28th January, 2001.
・ All the 41 TDP MPs will allocate Rs. 10 lakh each under MPLADS to Gujarat.All TDP MPs/MLAs and Ministers will contribute one month salary.
・ All State Government employees have agreed to contribute one day's salary.
・ The Chief Minister appealed to the public, institutions, industrialists and businessmen to donate liberally to Gujarat Chief Minister's Relief Fund.
・ Bihar: Rs. 5 crore for rehabilitation
・ Chhattisgarh : Rs. 1 crore donated towards Gujarat CM's Relief Fund.
・ 1 lakh bamboo worth Rs. 50 lakh sent to Gujarat on 9th February, 2001.
・ Delhi Rs.1 crore from CM's Relief Fund. Sent 85 tonnes of poles and zinc sheets.
・ Donation of 2 months salary by Cabinet Ministers
・ 1 month salary of MLAs
・ CM Relief Fund received Rs. 52.18 lakh and 12.50 US $ and Rs.2.11 lakh from Divisional Commissioners Office, Rs.2.20 lakh from DSCSC. Rs. 5 lakhs from PWD.
・ Divisional Commissioners office donated 5000 blankets, 5000 tarpaulins, 2000 sweaters & misc. clothing.
・ PWD sent 6 bulldozers, 25 JCBs, 3 tipper trucks and 200 shelters.
・ NDMC sent Medicines worth Rs. 27.00 lakh, 30.00 tonnes food items, water purifier tablets worth Rs. 40,000
・ Delhi Vidyut Board sent material worth Rs. 65.00 lakh
・ MCD sent 29 medical teams with medicines and committed one day salary
・ Delhi Fire Service sent 22-member team with cutting tools for rescue and which had completed its task and came back.
・ DDA sent 25000 blankets, 5000 torches/cells. Assured One day salary to CM's Relief Fund.
・ Delhi Police collected Rs. 1.44 crore and DVB Rs. 1.03 crore for earth quake affected people
・ Daman and Diu Administration has sent 31 trucks to the Kachchh and Bhuj area containing relief material worth around 1 crore in kind and Rs. 10 lakh from MPLAD funds. The relief efforts are still continuing depending upon the requirement. They have adopted two villages of Paddar and Tappar of Ratnal Talukas. 600 tents also supplied. Administration employees to donate one day salary. Relief efforts involving all was routed through the IRCS branch in Daman and Diu.
・ Dadar and Nagar Haveli: About 1 crore worth blankets, food grains, medicines, vegetables, firewood, and shelter materials, etc. Collection Centres established for collection of materials. A sum of Rs.10 lakhs will be collected and sent to the Gujarat Govt.
・ Goa : Sent 2 trucks of blankets
・ Haryana : Haryana Government adopted 15 villages in Rapad Block of Bhuj District in Gujarat. 2 more villages has been identified for adoption. An advance relief team comprising Speaker of Haryana Vidhan Sabha, and other State/Central Officials from Haryana reached Rapad Block on 1.2.2001 to coordinate the efforts and identify the requirement of the area. 956 persons for Relief work, 259 relief trucks, 57704 blankets, 7220 durries and 500 carpet blankets, 73127 utensils, 9628 tents, 12600 sq. ft. Polythene covers, clothes, food items, buckets/mugs, torches, lanterns, kerosene / diesel, candles & matches, other items, sent upto 04/02/2001. The value of material sent is 2.87 crores.
・ Himachal Pradesh: Donated Rs. 51.00 lakh from CM Relief Fund.
・ J&K : Donated a cheque for Rs.10 crores to Prime Minister. In addition 30,000 blankets and jackets, 1000 filtered masks from Ladakh Environment & Health Organization despatched to Gujarat.
・ Jharkhand : Donated 30 packets of bandage materials and gas cutters.
・ Karnataka: Cash assistance of Rs.2 crores. 8500 blankets (worth Rs.30 lakhs), 2 truck loads of ready made dress, 4.5 tonnes noodles (worth Rs.5 lakhs), 10 gas cutters, medicines worth Rs 30 lakh and a team of 22 doctors, 7 nurses and 2 HAM operators. In addition, three lorry loads of rice despatched from Bellary on 7.2.2001 and five tonnes of Tarpaulin was also sent. By M/s Royal Air force on 9.2.2001, tarpaulin of 150,000 square metre, 200 cartons of medicine, 1000 blankets, 1000 buckets, 500 beds and food items were also sent.
・ State Government employees to contribute one day's salary.
・ Kerala: Rs. 2 crore decided to donate. A special fund viz. "Chief Minister's Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund constituted. So far Rs.2 crores received as donation to this Fund. State Government employees and employees of PSUs requested to contribute their One-day's salary. State Ministers decided to contribute their One-month's salary. Rs. 25 lakhs sanctioned for purchasing Blankets and tenting material. Official team comprising Senior State Government Officers, the State Health Minister visited the affected areas. An official Medical team is in Gujarat for relief operations from 28.1.2001
・ Madhya Pradesh: Contributed Rs. 2.96 crores. Sent 1020 Home Guards, 257 doctors, 104 Nurses, 139 paramedical personnel, 17 ambulances, one IC unit, Rs.6.65 lakh surgical/medical equipment Rs.97.93 lakh medicine and 1272 relief workers for relief work. Donated Rs.1.48 crore food grain, 55,400 food packets, 45,535 blankets, 1,38,900 clothes, Rs.17.97 lakh utensils, 10,150 tarpaulins, 5735 tents, and 34 heavy equipments, 30 JCB machines & 10 gas cutters. Rs.207.5 lakh other materials, material for temporary houses Rs.3.5 crore Rs.95 lakh shelter material and one mobile water testing lab.
・ Maharashtra : Rs. 5 crore donated from CM Relief Fund.
・ Total 320 truck loads of essential commodities comprising bread, atta, rice, pulses, sugar, milk powder, mineral water, biscuits sent and distributed to Bacchav, Bhuj and Ahemadabad.
・ 9 truckloads of firewoods despatched to Gujarat.
・ 1 tanker of kerosene despatched to Bhachau Taluka.
・ Anti-biotics, salines, ORS, blood bags, medical equipments & surgical items like gausecotton, bandages etc. worth Rs. 1.00 crore & X-Ray machines are sent to Bacchav, Bhuj & Ahemadabad.
・ Dispatched 49,381 blankets, 54,366 chaddars, 16,267 sarees and 5,000 tents.
・ 13 Mobile Cranes, 11 JCBs, 2 gas cutters, 4 Rock breakers, 3 concrete breakers, 38 Tippers, Dumpers & Trucks, 4 bulldozers, 7 loaders, 11 excavators, 7 trucks, 2 Water tankers and 8 Jeeps, sent for relief work.
・ 3000 Utensils, 5000 Tin Sheets & 350 tents/tent supplied to affected.
・ 237 Home guards, and 210 civil defence volunteers doing rescue operations in Bacchav Taluka
・ 235 medical officers, 3 anesthetists, 22 Ayurvedic Doctors, 4 Psychiatrics, 9 Surgeons & Para-Medical Staff of 12 persons are working.
・ 125 Engineers & Operators are working in earthquake affected areas.
・ 7 ambulances are working for patients.
・ 701 patients are under treatment in various hospitals of the State of Maharashtra.
・ 9 Senior Officers & 29 supporting staff are deputed to Bacchav (Bhuj) for coordinating relief work.
・ Staff of Fire Brigade, 500 conservancy staff of BMC & 300 personnel from Solid Waste Management of BMC & a team of 15 personnel of TMC, Fire Brigade with tender are working in affected areas.
・ 1 PSI, 1ASI, 13 Police guards, 1 Mechanic, 1 Tailor are working at Anjar.
・ Pest Control Staff alongwith Pesticides & Germicides are sent to Bhuj district.
・ Electricity in Bacchav Taluka restored with the help of Manpower & material worth Rs. 1.5 crore supplied by the MSEB. The Government of Maharashtra also provided Rs. 50.00 lakhs for the restoration work.
・ 2 Medical teams & 1 Mobile Dispensary of BMC despatched to affected areas of Bacchav.
・ 1,010-canvas tarpoline despatched, 500 masks & 500 Helmets supplied for the relief operation at Bacchav.
・ Except one medical team rest of the team came back after completing work.
・ Temporary sheds for schools are being erected under the supervision of EE,PWD.
・ 30 school sheds are being built in 4-5 villages.
・ Manipur: Rs. 2 lakhs from CM's Relief Fund.
・ Meghalaya: Rs. 10.00 lakh financial assistance to the earthquake victims.
・ Nagaland : Rs. 20.00 lakh donated to Prime Minister's Relief Fund.
・ Orissa: 852 tents/camp beds, 2500 blankets, 20 doctors along with medicines and a team of NGOs has deputed to Gujarat
・ Punjab: Donated 2,63,149 blankets, 3145 tents, 3 truckloads of medicine+150 boxes+150 boxes worth Rs.10, 70,000, 7,000 Qtls foodgrains, Utensils worth Rs.5.50 crores, 50 heavy equipments and Rs.5 crores.
・ Relief material also airlifted from AF air base in district Bathinda.
・ Markfed, Punjab sent 120 trucks of vegetables & food grains and 2000 blankets.
・ Mundi Board, Punjab sent 666 Blankets and made Rs.50, 623 cash donation.
・ PUNSUP sent 1400 bags sugar, pulses, wheat & Public Health Department donated Rs. 2,19,000 cash. In addition, 2,40,763 blankets & quilts, and 9128 quintals foodgrains were also sent. It has also been decided to donate One-day salary by all State Government employees.
・ The people of Muktsar district donated 11,800 blankets, 3500 khes, 500 Quintal of food material, 8500 pairs garments, medicines worth Rs. 1.00 lakh and 2000 ltr mineral water to earthquake affected people of Gujarat.
・ Langar managed by Baba Mann Singh is providing cooked food to the victims. 4 trucks of Sugar despatched for use in langar.
・ Pondicherry : Rs. 25.00 lakh donated to Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.
・ Rajasthan: Donated Rs. 2.5 crores cash, out of which Rs.50 lakhs from CM's Relief Fund. Sent 24,000 blankets, 521 tents from RTDC and tents for 500 people from Hindustan Zinc Limited. 23 JCBs/Excavators, 25 cranes, 1 shawl, 5 Dumper, 5 loader and 54 Gas cutters, 4 turbo trailors, 4 earth movers, 1 teeper and One DG set sent. 40 medical teams comprising 80 doctors and 86 para medical staff sent. Medicines over Rs. 60 lakhs were also sent. 617 trucks of essential food item, clothes, blankets medicines etc sent to Bhuj. 14 water tankers and 55000 bottles of mineral water sent to Bhuj. 5000 torch cells, 300 Petromax & 500 torches sent. Senior Officers of the State Government were also sent to coordinate relief assistance.
・ On 17.02.2001, 6 trucks carrying food items, clothes, medicines, blankets, tents and utensils etc., sent to Bhuj.
・ Sikkim : Rs. 15.00 lakh donated to Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.
・ Tamil Nadu: Rs. 5 crores from CM's Relief Fund. Government of Tamil Nadu proposes to release 1200 MT (One lakh Square meter) of AC sheets worth Rs. 1 crore through Tamil Nadu Cements Corporation Limited, from the funds accrued to the Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund.
・ Tripura: Rs. 25 lakh donated for the Gujarat earth quake.
・ U.P. : Rs. 5.00 crore donated for CM's Relief Fund.
・ Blankets and Cloths worth Rs. 2.15 crore, tentage worth
Rs. 62 lakh, medicines and bandages etc. worth Rs. 80 lakh, Gur and Chana worth Rs. 25 lakh sent.
・ 15 orthopaedicians team sent to Gujarat.
・ Proposed to send worth Rs. 30 lakh tent and Rs. 50 lakh cloths and blankets. In addition various districts, different associations/institutions etc., have sent huge quantities of relief materials.
・ Uttaranchal: Rs. 1.00 crore donated to Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.
・ West Bengal : Rs. 2 crore sanctioned. Despatched 50,000 pcs of woolen blankets from State Government Stock and additional 10,000 pcs from others, Rs. 20.00 lakh worth medicines and equipments, 50,000 pcs of tarpaulin.

・ International community responded generously and with alacrity.
・ 70 countries, 24 other international donors/various international organisations sent rescue teams including sniffer dogs, relief materials and mobile hospitals.
・ Hospitals have been set up in Bhachau, Bhuj and Nalia.


1. $300 Million Assistance announced by the World Bank (WB)
2. $500 Million Assistance announced by Asian Development Bank (ADB)
3. Japan provides US $ 2.3 million in addition to already released US $ 0.7 million to PM's National Relief Fund, which is about 420 million Japanese Yen (about Rs.17 crore) which is additional to their active participation in relief and medical assistance. The cash assistance is in addition to their active manpower assistance through their Disaster Relief Team volunteers.
4. DKK 16,950,000 worth Danish Humanitarian Assistance in kind (from IFRC, DanChur Aid, OCHA, EMOGC, Caritas)
5. European Parliament passed a resolution to express its deepest sorrow and regret to the Indian people and Government for this enormous natural disaster. Commission has already granted 13 million Euro for humanitarian assistance for the victims of the earthquake. Congratulated the Indian and the State Governments on their rapid mobilisation of the emergency aid effort.
6. USAID /OFDA provided $852,403 on 5th February to World vision to provide three months of emergency aid to the worst affected populations of Gujarat. On 3rd February $400,000 to the UNDP for immediate distribution of food, shelter material, water etc. Also extended financial assistance to CARE, CRS & FFP for their services to earthquake affected people. Provided an initial $100,000 disaster assistance through USAID, New Delhi to PM's National Relief Fund.
7. CARE committed upto US $ 3.5 million relief assistance. CARE, Canada & Norway arrived in Bhuj with 2650 tents each accommodating 6-8 persons. 40 persons relief team engaged in relief work. FICCI-CARE alliance formed for Gujarat Rehabilitation Project to provide immediately temporary shelter, water/sanitation/electricity, quake resistant housing, construction of permanent social infrastructure (schools, clinics, anganwadi, tube wells), help to small business establishments and craftsmen. A proposal for reconstruction / rehabilitation of 25 identified villages submitted to State Government. More villages are under identification to reach the initial target of 10,000 homes.
8. World Food Programme (WFP) to support the relief operation with food and other assistance valued at USD 4,157,579 over a period of 4 months from 5th February to June 2001 to assist 3 lakh people, mostly women and children. 634 MTs of biscuits for distribution in Gujarat through ICDS, the district collector, SEWA, CRS, the Salvation Army and Mahila Vikas Sangathan.
Established a UN Joint logistical Cell (UNJLC) in Bhuj to provide logistical and coordination support for both the UN system and the Government. Also coordinated other international organisations.
9. UNICEF besides assisting under medical relief activities, raised more than US$ 10.5 million for relief as part of a First request proposal of US$12.8 million that was sent to donors. Also preparing a multi-hazard Second Request to cover the medium and long term earthquake rehabilitation and ongoing drought proofing. In all UNICEF's State offices focus is being placed on preparedness and mitigation of natural disasters and providing support to build the capacity at state level.
10. CII, FICCI and ASSOCHAM decided to adopt large clusters of villages for relief and reconstruction. Reliance Group has adopted Anjar Town.
11. State Governments and Major PSUs of the Government of India have also decided to adopt groups of villages for relief and reconstruction.
12. RSS - 25000 swayamsevaks reported on relief work. Also reported 1000 truck relief materials sent. First aid to 59516 persons, 1000 surgeries, 82 ambulances, 724 doctors active in necessary medical services, cremation of 7280 bodies and 1272 extracted alive from debris. Relief services in 801 villages. Distributed 1,13,870 blankets, 2500 torches, 95750-sq. metre tarpaulin, 50 truckloads of firewood, 2 lakh litres of water and 42298 tents distributed through Sewa Bharati. An integrated rehabilitation scheme is envisaged for 25 villages with a cost of Rs.3.75 crores for each village. VHP also set up 9 relief camps and put up 15000 volunteers and 3000 full time workers in relief work. Distributed 850-truck load of relief materials, 1.15 lakh blankets, 4660 tents, 74,944 tarpaulins, food grains, and medicines. Proposed setting up of orphanage, old age home and village reconstruction.

13. State Government drawn detailed rehabilitation packages with the objectives of social, cultural and economic resettlement with equity. Community participation in the rehabilitation and resettlement programme. Upgradation of quality of life using the challenge as an opportunity.

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