Situation Report No.37

Updated at  2000 hours on 07 February, 2001


F. No. 07001/01/2001-NDMCR

Government of India

Ministry of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture & Cooperation

Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi



Subject : Earthquake of 26th January, 2001 in Gujarat and many parts of India.




·       Prime Minister cancels foreign visit to Malaysia and Japan.

·       Prime Minister held meeting with all Party Leaders /Groups on 3.2.2001.

·       23 districts, 176 Talukas and 7904 villages affected.

·       Out of 3.78 crore population 1.57 crore  affected.

·       16484 human deaths confirmed and 1,46,713 persons  injured.

·       Cattle deaths reported as 18,352.

·       Houses Destroyed : 145353 (Pucca), 110386 (Kachcha) & 13643 (huts)

·       Houses Damaged  :  300667(Pucca), 214680 (Kachcha) & 29185 (huts)

·       Manpower in Kachchh : 28 Senior IAS Officers, 107 Administrative Officers, 2104 technical staff, 6213 non-technical staff, 197 Police Officers, 10 SRP Companies and more than 22,500 personnel from Armed Forces, 3000 from Para-Military Forces, 1349 Home Guards and 690 Police personnel deployed.

·       13,355 manpower engaged through Contractors.

·       Relief Equipments in Kachchh : 831 cranes/JCBs, 395 bulldozers/excavator, 2679 loader/dumpers/ trucks, 1603 Jeep/Ambulances, 614 gas cutters/DG Sets/Sub pumps and 2895 other equipments.

·       Relief equipments in Other Districts: 321 JCB / Cranes, 148 bulldozers/excavator, 174 loader dumpers/ trucks, 362 Jeep/Ambulances, 287 gas cutters/DG Sets/Sub pumps and 473 other equipments.

·       3608 ration shops, 6471.3 MTs food grains supplied, 106.7 MTs / 5192  milk powder, 555.815 MTs vegetables, 349 MTs edible oil,  6844 kls diesel & 2909 kls petrol, 4601 kls kerosene, 82700 kitchen kits distributed in Kuchchh, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Surendranagar Districts.

·       Essential commodities and kits supplied free of cost in Bhuj, Anjar, Gandhidham, Rapar, Bhachau, Morbi / Malia, Jamnagar and Surendranagar.

·       Power Supply restored in 9 towns and 885 villages.

·       Out of 18 towns and 1340 villages affected, Water supply resorted to 9 towns through pipes and 9 through tankers. In villages, water supplied to 811 through pipes, 424 through tankers, 105 through other sources.

·       Hospitals functioning: 34 in Kachchh and 361 in other Districts.

·       31 primary health centres of Kachchh and 949 in other Districts treating minor cases.

·       50 mobile hospital ambulances in Bhuj, 9 in Anjar, 9 in Bhachau, 4 in Rapar and 3 in Gandhidham providing services.

·       Medical Officers/Specialists serving : 872 in Kutch, and 2272  in other Districts

·       146713 patients treated and 11557 admitted.

·       Rs. 109.42 lakhs drugs/disinfectants used.

·       Road, rail and air traffic restored.

·       Satellite phones, Hotlines, HAM radio and mobile telephones have been pressed into service to ensure proper communication.

·       448 NGOs working in the field.  332 voluntary doctors, 70 nursing staff and 7332 volunteers assisting.

·       Rs.13.06 crore financial aid from NGOs individual donors.

·       Rs. 31.74 crore donation received in  Gujarat CMfs Relief Fund

·       Rs.16.51 crore financial aid from other States.

·       External assistance from 44 countries. Overwhelming international response with men & material

·       Total Grants allotted: Rs.13.00 crore from CM Relief Fund & Rs. 153.85 crore from Gujarat Govtfs budget.

·       In 10 Earthquake hit districts, the preliminary report indicates 6698 rooms collapsed and 17033 damaged, against the total no. of 47181 rooms. Total estimated loss : 146.97 crore.

·       As on 6.2.2001, 3,88,987 blanket/sheet, 64,272 tents, 5000 tons GI sheets and 1,05,000 plastic sheets received by Gujarat Govt.

·       12 special teamsf veterinary doctors deployed and 2006 animals treated.

·       27 teams under survey of loss/damage to agricultural properties.




A severe Earthquake of the magnitude of 6.9 at Richter scale occurred at 8.46 A.M. on 26th January 2001 with epicenter at 20 K.M. North-East of Bhuj. Its impact has been felt in various parts of the Country. Gujarat has been affected very severely.



IMD – Report :


·       Intense aftershock activity still continuing and there was an aftershock magnitude 5.9 at 0632 hrs on 28th January, 2001, the largest recorded so far.

·       In view of this, the local people are advised not to enter the damaged/ poorly built buildings, which may suffer further damage in the aftershocks, which are still continuing.

·       As per the latest report of the IMD earthquake shocks are still continuing. 194 after shocks of magnitude 3.0 and above were felt till 0621 hours of 07/02/2001.




As per available information from State Government of Gujarat, the extent of damage is as under: -




Number of persons
























































































Dahod & Panchmahals










Population affected                                   1.57 crores


Houses Damaged                                                         300667(Pucca),14680 (Kachcha)& 9185 (huts)

Houses Destroyed                                145353 (Pucca),110386(Kachcha)&13643 (huts)     

For relief and

    Estimated loss of Property                      Rs. 13,500 Crores


Damage to Private property                       Rs. 6000 Crores

Damage to Public property                       Rs. 1000 Crores

Damage to School buildings                     Rs. 147 crores

Damage to Utilities:                                  Rs. 1000 Crores

(Power, water & industry)

Impact on trade & Industry                       Rs. 2000 Crores






·       Response on  26th January 2001 immediately after the noon (Republic Day Parade ended at 12 Noon)

·       Krishi Control Room (NDM) activated and functioning round the clock.  Coordinating with all Central/External relief efforts.

·       Empowered Group of Ministers (EGOM  under the Chairmanship of Home Minister was constituted on 30th January 2001.

·       EGOM held meetings on 30th January, 2nd February and 7th February and reviewed the relief and rescue measures 

·       Cabinet Secretary activated Crisis Management Group (CMG) by personally contacting all the members of the Group including the Service Chief with the request to move men, Relief material & equipment to Bhuj. Members were also informed that Crisis Management Group will meet at 3 pm and within that time they should initiate action.

·       Chief Secretaries of Rajasthan & Maharashtra were also informed of the magnitude of the earthquake and requested to send food materials and blankets to Gujarat.

·       PSUs like Hindustan Zinc Ltd, Udaipur, IFFCO & KRIBHCO have also been requested to take similar action.

·       Prime Minister directed Cabinet Secretary to respond with the overriding urgency and report the steps taken during the emergency meeting of the Cabinet convened at 5 PM.

·       National Crisis Management committee meets at 3 PM puts in place specific and detailed sectoral initiatives. Chief Secretary Gujarat was offered during the telephonic conversation services of officers of GOI specially those who hail from Gujarat cadre.

·       Vice Chief of Air staff indicated the runway at Bhuj is under inspection and flights to land there could only be cleared after inspection is complete.

·       Home Minister rushed to Ahmedabad immediately contacted Chief Secretary and after giving his assessment instructed the need to rush medical teams, medicines and other relief material.

·       Honfble Prime Minister and Union Ministers of Defence, Agriculture, Power, Telecom, Urban Development, Health also visited to make on the spot assessment of relief & rescue.

·       Prime Minister convened emergency cabinet meeting at 5PM on 26th January and reviewed initiatives of CMG. The three Services Chief, who were present also, briefed the Cabinet. PM announced immediate release of Rs.500 crores.

·       On clearance from the Indian Air Force on the suitability of runway at Bhuj to receive light Aircrafts. A AN-32 Air craft took off from Palam at 7PM along with Additional Relief Commissioner with the team of 24 Doctors with medical equipment and medicine, engineers of DoT with SAT-Phones and IMD officials with seismographic equipment. Later, Chief Secretary of Haryana and officials of Delhi Administration were tasked to collect a large number of blankets and relief materials to be dispatched to Bhuj.




·       Gujarat Government have dedicated Help Lines and control rooms in operation (Help Lines 02712- 51911-20)

·       Gujarat Bhavan at Delhi opened counter to receive relief materials (Phone 4673661 & 4671881)

·       Krishi Control room telephone lines responding round the clock (Phone lines 3389453,3383476, 3385574)

·       Krishi Control room (NDM) website is being updated regularly. Gujarat Government also providing information through their website

·       Secretary (Agriculture) briefing the media every day wherein the updated situation report is provided.

·       Priority relief requirements of State Government being informed regularly to press through press briefing

·       Press carrying all important telephone numbers, help lines etc,

·       Counters opened at New Delhi Railway Station at Ajmeri Gate side for receiving relief materials for free transport to Gujarat

·       To coordinate Air lifting of men and relief material a dedicated line operated at Air force control area





·       23,550 Troops deployed in Bhuj and Ahmedabad Sectors.

·       Major equipment deployed

JCB/Dozers – 53, Tipper – 20, Compressor – 12, Generators – 30, Water Tanks- 153, Water Supply Equipment – 34, Ambulance – 15, INMMARSAT – 4, Tents – 2835, Blankets- 6600, Tarpaulin – 2000, Gloves & Masks – 5000/1350, Stretchers  - 150, Oxy/Acetelene Cylinders – 70, Water purification – 2, Gas Welding Plants – 6, Water Bowsers – 42,

·       Helicopters – 3

·       Surgeries performed – 11,301, Medical aid given – 14,446

·       Evacuations (serious patients) – 484, rescued – 478, dead bodies recovered – 2184

·       Till 7th  February, 2001, 39 sorties of IL –76/AN-32 carried a total load about 846 tonnes



·       6 IL-76, 18AN-32, 4 AVRO, 3 DORNIOR and 16 helicopters pressed into service

·       Till 7th  February, 2001  909 sorties carrying engineering equipment, shelter material, food ambulance, tentage, rescue teams including sniffer dogs etc

·       Bulk of the relief material and equipments Air lifted from the various air bases

·       700 people evacuated

·       Total tonnage of loads carried so far is over 4529 tonnes approximately



·       30 men team with INMARSAT dispatched to Porbandar

·       INS Ganga carried relief material for Kandla and two Naval ships converted into hospital ships where surgeries were performed

·       Dry ration from Naval establishments moved to Anjar and Gandhidham

·       Disaster management and surgical team to Bhuj with medical equipment

·       One dornier sortier flown from Mumbai to Kandla with 960 ltrs of fresh water.

·       Damage assessment carried out by Naval Officer Incharge in all ports

·       Survey of channel in the Gulf of Kutch undertaken by INS Nirdeshak

·       INS Jamuna and INS Tir diverted to Kandla for coordination activities

·       Power supply provided to Kandla port to refrigerated containers by Indian Navy

·       Assistance provided for removal of dead bodies at Kandla and Gandhidham

·       So far Navy has carried a total of 45.8 tonnes of food and medicines in addition to 30.00 tonnes of cooked food/Naval rations and 200.00 tonnes of rations from Government of Maharashtra

·       458 patients treated.

·       Chief of Naval Staff visited Naval Units on 4.2.2001

·       All Naval personnel including civilian have donated 1 dayfs salary in aid of earth quake victims

·       The Navy has adopted Moda village in Jamnagar district


·       NCC : Cadets engaged in relief operation, assistance to medical team, distribution of relief materials / food packets, confidence building among the earth quake victims etc.


26.1.01 – Immediately released for rescue & relief

                       RAF           4 COYs ( 1 Ahmedabad & 1 Bhuj)

                       CRPF            1 COY   ( Ahmedabad)

                       BSF           4 COY (Kutch)

                       SSB            6 COY (3 Bhuj & 3 Jamnagar)


                       RAF           2 COYs (Bhuj)

                       BSF           4 COY s (Gandhidham/Bhuj Ahmedabad)

                       CISF           10 COYs (Ahmedabad, Bhuj, Kandla, Mehsana)


  At present  - 45 COYs available




Tents              750

Dry Food        303 tonnes

Blankets         4000

·       CISF deployed team of 10 officers under DIG(Fire) at Bhuj with Hydraulic cutters

·       CISF has deployed 17 companies at Ahmedabad, Bhuj,Morvi,Rajkot and Kandla

·       Specialized rescue equipment with 4 officers & 16 firemen sent to Gujarat from Delhi

·       CISF established wireless network between Delhi & Kandla, Bhuj. Ahmedabad

·       CRPF established wireless stations at Adohi, Bimsar, Rapar

·       BSF provided medical cover to 1434 persons, 43 rescued alive, 91 dead bodies extricated and 22 villages provided water/food.  18 water tankers providing water. Relief material to 2500 persons in village Kankot, Shat, Shibaka, Mavana, Khader and Bhalla



·       95,000 MT of free food grains allowed to be diverted by the State from food for work to meet immediate relief

·       One lakh tonnes of foodgrains – Wheat ( 80,000 tonnes), Rice (20,000 tonnes) allotted

·       Advance release of 10,000 tonnes of levy sugar to the State

·       Ready-to-eat food packets weighting over 37 tonnes airlifted

·       Rs. 5 Crores contributed (FCI2,CWC-2,BIS-1). Employees of the Ministry are donating 1 dayfs salary.

·       Community kitchen & lungar organised by NGOs & Socio-religious organisations running in affected areas



·       Ministry dispatched Executive Director Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan and Joint Secretary, Youth Affairs to Gujarat to immediately develop a relief programme for Youth Volunteers



·       Rs 5.7 crores of medical supplies sent to affected areas

·       64 Doctors sent from various Delhi hospitals to affected areas

·       2 Portable X-ray units with specialist sent to Bhuj

·       Emergency medical supplies to antibiotics, disinfectants, IV fluids, ORS packets and surgical materials and disinfectants sent in adequate quantities

·       45 beds in Central government hospitals and AIIMS in Delhi earmarked for earth quake victims

·       Mental health experts from NIMHANS and AIIMS  inducted at a short notice

·       Conducted 3 caesarian sections. Performed six amputations

·       Given blood transfusions to 20 patients

·       Distributed medical supplies to NGOs, Medical supplies shared with army doctors for treating patients

·       Assessment of public health specialists from Bhuj conveyed to State Government.

·       Total 395 hospitals functioning out of which 34 are in Kachchh. 256 mobile teams have provided treatment to injury cases, and have strengthened surveillance as well as ensured cholorination / disinfection. 

·       615 Specialists doctors from Gujarat and 298 from other State in medical relief work..

·       2371 medical officers, 520 engineers and administrators and 216 medical experts from other Country are engaged in relief service.

·       Total 145288 injury cases attended and 11045 cases admitted.

·       31 Primary Health Centres of Kachchh district and 949 primary health centres in other districts providing treatment for minor-injury cases.

·       Rs.99.48 lakh Drugs/disinfectants supplied.

·       Disinfection carried out effectively to prevent water and food contamination.




·       Regular monitoring of medical arrangements at the Hqrs. And visit of senior officers

·       Team of Doctors from Government hospitals deployed right from first day alongwith medical equipments and supply

·       Public Health Specialist from NICD & NIMP deputed to prevent outbreak of any possible epidemics. At present 74 officers / officials which include medical / para-medical and other supporting staff of various institutes joined the Disease Surveillance Cell established at Bhuj on 5.2.2001.

·       The disease surveillance report (dt. 5.2.2001) of 14 clinics located at various areas of Bhuj City indicates normal cases of Diarrhoea, dysentery, fever, etc.  ORS packets distributed, 37,000 chlorine tablets distributed in all the clinics.  Out of 18 water samples tested, eleven were found satisfactory

·       Report dated 6.2.2001 : Field visit to Mundra Taluk : No major Effect of earthquake and a mobile team providing medical services. 

·       A field laboratory established at Bhuj with facilities for testing chlorine in water, growth of coliform bacteria in water and slides for malaria. For Bhuj City, 14 mobile teams sent daily to collect surveillance data on PH measures which includes one person from Central team.  Separate two teams to East & West Kutch.

·       Serious injured patients flown to other places for treatment

·       Overwhelming response from private hospitals and NGOs.



·       No cap on ways and means advance to State Governments

·       Rs. 500 crores financial assistance announced by Prime Minister

·       Rs. 20 crores sanctioned from PM Relief fund

·       100% deduction for Income Tax purpose on donations made to chartiable institutions]

·       100% deduction on donation under PM/CM Relief Fund

·       relief material exempted from customs/excise duty




·       Costs             Track                    35 crores

                                  Signal & Tele            15 crores

                                  Electrical                    7 crores

                                  Misc.                          3 crores

                                  Total                           60 crores

·       Track

·       Viramgam-Gandhidham Broad Gauge (BG)

·       Gandhidham-Bhuj (BG)

·       Viramgam-Okha (BG0

·       Palanpur-Gandhidham Metre Gauge (MG)

·       Heavy damage to station buildings, station cabins, residential quarters, bridges in the affected sections

·       Signalling equipments at 25 stations and Control communications on Viramgram-Gandhidham section damaged

·       Rail Traffic restored upto Bhuj.



BG Track

·       Rajkot-Okha on 26.1.2001

·       Viramgram-Samakhiali on 28.1.2001

·       Wankaner-Navalakhi on 28.1.2001

·       Samakhiali-Gandhidham on 29.1.2001

·       Gandhidham-Kukma on 29.1.2001

·       Kukma-New  Bhuj to be made fit by 3rd Feb (F.N.)

MG Track

·       Palanput-Kidiyanagar on 28.1.2001

·       Kidiyanagar-Gandhidham on 31st Jan

·       Telecommunications – Overhead alignment and control communication up to Gandhidham restored.

·       Signalling-8 stations restored until 30/1/2001 – 13 stations. Block working restored but stations on non-interlocked working – Final restoration at 17 stations dependent on completion of building activities.

·       Fifteen special trains run for relatives & NGOs to Gujarat.

·       Twenty special trains run to evacuate from Gujarat and about 40,000 people evacuated.

·       Wagons loaded with GI sheets, bulldozers and water tank wagons directed for relief work.

·       Movement of relief material ordered free of cost.

·       All railway good sheds along the quake-hit areas offered for providing shelter for the people rendered homeless.

·       Three medical relief trains moved Ahmedabad, Udna and Palanpur with a team of doctors and medical equipment for evacuation of injured and medical relief. gRailway Helplineh medical camps set up to assist victims.



·       Out of 650 Kms of national highways damaged 100 Kms severely damaged.

·       Most of the minor/major bridges damaged.

·       Surajbari Bridge damaged – repaired on war footing and restored.

·       National Highways made traffic worthy.



·       Telecommunication disrupted

·       Number of Exchanges                      Total         Damaged

(alongwith media)                  147         147

·       Total Lines                              82,000

·       Optical Fibre systems Bhuj-Bhachau-Rajkot 140 Mbps (damaged at Bhachau)

·       Overload       Exchanges started choking due to heavy traffic (12

lakh calls/hr)

·       Estimated cost of damage               Rs.200 crores

·       In Bhuj, both the main exchanges are functional.  Gandidham all three main exchanges functional.  Mundra, Mandavi, Nakhatrana, Dayapar(Lakhpat), Rahpar, Naliya Exchanges functional.  In Anjar E-10B RLU functional.

·       STD service working satisfactorily in all Talukas, including Bhuj.

·       In Total 136 exchanges commissioned.


On 26th January 2001

·       Restoration of 2,000 lines Bhuj Exchange (CDOT-MBM).

·       Restoration of 2,000 lines Gandhidham Exchange.

·       Putting through two 34 MBps Microwave systems to Rajkot-   


·       Installation of Optical fibre end-link (8mbps) at Bhuj.

·       2 INMARSAT terminals were rushed to site.

·       Hot-lines were provided from Ahmedabad-New Delhi.

·       To save Ahmedabad and Rajkot TAX from overloading additional channels were terminated in Local Exchange bypassing above two TAXs.



·       Exchange restored – 68

·       Free PCOs opened – 72 (INMARSAT 23, Land-line – 49)

·       Help Lines have been opened at Bhuj, Gandhidham and Kandla).

Hot Lines provided – 43

·       Optical Fibre links restored – All 13 SDCAs

·       4 VSATs in closed user group have been provided in Rapar.

·       2 MCPC VSATs restored.

·       Transmission systems added for relief – 96 stream of 2 Mbps.

·       Requirements of State Government and other agencies were fulfilled.

·       Cellular Mobile Phones Services restored.



·       Union Power Minister has taken special concern in the immediate restoration of power supply in affected areas.

·       Power Supply to more than 50% of feeders in Kutch area including towns of Bhuj, anjar etc. restored.

·       DG sets: 17 large sets sent for utilisation of GEB at Bhuj/Anjar.

·       Manpower: 135 engineers/skilled operative staff positioned to assist at Anjar/Bhuj for restoration of supply.

·       Team of 8 doctors with para-medical staff sent.

·       Camp office of NTPC and Powergrid established to coordinate relief and rehabilitation at Anjar.

·       Powered/NTPC together engaged in repair / recommissioning of 10 GEB major sub-stations.

·       LT Transmission distribution materials supplied.

·       Restoration of 220 KV PANANDRO-Anjar Tr. Line on 28.1.2001.

·       Loan of Rs.100 crores sanctioned by PFC for reconstruction * rehabilitation of transmission and distribution system.

·       REC sanctioned a loan of Rs.100 crores to GEB.

·       Under APDP, Kutch district will be adopted and made into a centre of excellence for sub-transmission, distribution and R & M.

·       Minister of Power accompanied by Addl. Secretary and CMDs of NTPC & Powergrid visited the affected areas for assessment.



·       Berths No.1 to 5 at Kandla Port have developed major structural damage.

·       Berths No.6 to 9 are functional.

·       Port has provided following equipment in Gandhidham:

Escalators   31   Payloaders   61

Cranes       36   Dumpers   376

Forlifts      2

·       Cargo operations on relief  vessels is being undertaken

·       12 cranes dispatched by DG(Shipping) to Kandla to speed up relief work.

·       Mumbai Port is dispatching 4 fork lift trucks.



·       Additional allocation of Rs.250 crores over and above normal allocation for constructing earthquake proof housing for BPL families in rural areas.

·       Assistance of Rs.22,000 per dwelling unit proposed for the affected districts.

·       HUDCO and other expert agencies will be consulted with respect to earthquake proof technology.

·       CAPART earmarked Rs.5 crores initially to meet short and long term relief and rehabilitation activities.  Immediately after the earthquake Rural Agro Research Development Society rushed with 10,000 tarpaulin sheets, 20000 chatais for setting up tents for 10,000 families. 




·       Koyali (IOC) – Normal operations continued

·       Jamnagar (RPL) – Shutdown on 26th Jan. due to power failure



·       Crude oil pipeline from Salaya, feeding Koyali/Mathura/Panipat refineries, resumed operations since 27th Jan after due checking.

·       Product pipelines from Vadinar to Kandla & Kandla to Bhatinda under shutdown.  Expected to resume operations on 3rd/4th Feb.2001.  However, product availability not affected due to alternative arrangements made.


Petroleum supplies

·       Despatches resumed from Jamnagar by Rail on 26th Jan & by road on 27th Jan.

·       Despatches resumed from Kandal on 27th Jan. by arranging manpower and DG sets from other locations.

·       Supplies to Kutch area supplemented from Sabarmati, Rajkot, Sidhpur, etc.

·       Direct supplies of Kerosene resumed on 28th Jan.

·       Of 60 Retail Outlets in Kutch, 56 are operating now.

·       All 13 LPG distributors in Kutch are operating.

·       Supplies made during 27th to 31st Jan 2001

·       MS-724 KL, HSD-1727 KL

·       SKO-754 KL, ATF-122 KL

·       Sufficient filled trucks kept ready at Kandla for despatch

·       Sufficient petroleum stocks available in Gujarat.

·       Rs.40 crores is being contributed by oil PSUs toward PMfs relief fund.

·       Supply of Diesel and Kerosene from 27th Jan to 1st Feb. 2001

·       Diesel – 20.45 lakh litres

·       Kerosene – 8.62 lakh litres

·       5 villages being adopted by five Navratana oil PSUs

·       An additional quota of 450 lakh litres of Kerosene allotted.

Utility items provided

·       3673 Petromax/Lanterns                 200 Drums

·       13 water tankers                               13 Durry

·       10000 utensils                              209 Polythene sheets

·       3538 blankets                                   550 helmets

·       11500 Litres mineral water                     1090 mtr. Cloth 65 Tonne

·       food items

·       1300 bedsheets                           97 wollen jerseys

·       38 tents                                    11 trucks of clothes/

·       740 safety shoes                                 medicines/grocery/

·       2300 socks                                          containers

·       2000 plastic containers 




Airports Authority of India

·       Satellite based communications restored immediately on 27.1.2001.

·       Kandla airport activated for helicopter operations on 27.1.2001 and for small aircraft on 28.1.2001.

·       Airport charges waived off for all relief flights.

·       Power supply restored through back-up arrangements at Kandla airport.

Air India & Indian Airlines

·       Transportation facilities extended for relief material from abroad.

·       Request to all airlines for transportation of relief material from all over the world particularly points not covered by Air India.

·       40 additional flights to Bhuj/Ahmedabad/Jamnagar operated during 26-31st January.

·       6 additional flights daily with total of 972 seats to the affected region planned till 7th February.

·       Free air transportation of relief materials weighing 1,33,396 kgs till 1st February.  Further 76,737 kgs in process.

·       Free handling facilities to charter flights bringing in relief materials from the State Governments and foreign Governments.



        Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative  Limited

·       A Team of Senior Officer rushed to Kandla on 27th Morning to assess the damage to the Plants

·       Reconstruction and rehabilitation activities in full swing

·       According to the preliminary  estimates reconstruction and rehabilitation will cost around Rs. 50-60 crores


·       A medical team consisting of 5 doctors and 7 para medical staff rushed to Ahmedabad from Nagpur on 30th January, 2001 alongwith medicines worth Rs. 1.00 lakh, surgical equipments and 5000 blankets worth Rs. 12.00 lakh.  Heavy engineering materials were also sent for relief operations.

·       JCB pay loaders – 3, PC 200 Shovel -  1 and Crawler mounted Bulldozers – 2 alongwith 10 personnel and 10 small tents were sent from New Delhi to Gandhidham

·       A amount of Rs. 12.00 crores as 1 dayfs of employees of Coal India Ltd is being sent to the Prime Ministerfs Relief Fund


Private/Foreign Airlines


·       32 civil and military aircraft already landed in India bringing relief materials.

·       One IL 76 freighter aircraft offered by Turkmenistan Airlines and three B737 freighter aircraft offered by Blue Dart, which have been placed at the disposal of Indian Air force.

·       Private airlines also operating additional flight to Bhuj and Rajkot and have ferried relief materials.




·       Relief assistance given both in cash & kind from various State Governments.

·       Food, blankets, medicine, medical personnel, water, tankers and equipments, etc. States are also sent.

·       CMfs relief fund has received a donation of 2867 lakhs.

·       Assam : Rs. 5.00 lakh donated from CMfs Relief Fund

·       Andhra Pradesh :  (I) Rs. 5.00 crores donated from CMfs Relief Fund

(II) 4420 woolen  blankets , 1381 sweaters, 5.00 tonnes medicines, 27.155 tonnes food material, 1020 water bottles, 20,000 water pouches, 120 petromax lights, 147 tents and 21 shamianas and 30.00 tonnes food/other materials worth value of Rs. 67.12 lakhs also donated in kind.  

       (III) A team of 4 doctors and medicines sent to Ahemadabad and Bhuj

       (IV) 12 Police communication experts and 15 HAM operators with eqiupments   

                working at Ahmadabad and Bhuj 

(V)Two special trains left Ahmadabad and Gandhidam with 40.00 tonnes of

       relief material and 1000 people/volunteers

(VI) A convoy of 15 lorry loads of rice dispatched to Ahmedabad/Bhuj

·       Rajasthan : Donated Rs. 2.5 crores cash, 19,000 blankets,521 tenets,  60 heavy equipments and sent 166 medical and para medical personnel. Since 4th Feb. additionally 57 trucks carrying food items, medicines, and other relief material, 2 Gas cutters, 3 dumpers, 4 loaders, 1 crane sent to Bhuj.  Also 2 Buses and 1 Jeep sent for transportation of earthquake victims.

·       Madhya Pradesh : Contributed Rs. 1.37 crores, 22,150 blankets, 1000 Home Guards, 172 doctors, 70 Nurses, 86 Paramedical personnel, 10 ambulances, 1 IC unit, Rs.3.70 lakh surgical/medical equipment, Rs.53.87 lakh medicines, Rs.98.6 lakh food grain, 39,000 food packets, 38,400 clothes, Rs.8.34 lakh utensils, 1700 tarpaulins, 375 tents, 855 relief workers  and  34 heavy equipments, 14 JCB machines & 10 gas cutters. Rs.24.34 lakh other materials. In Ujjain a Community kitchen opened with the local help, which is preparing 7-8 thousand food packets per day and these food packets sent to Gujarat Earthquake victims.

·       Maharashtra : Dispatched 5,000 blankets, 50,000 chaddars, 6 JCBs, 17 Tippers, 4 Rock breakers, 2 gas cutters, 2 concrete breakers, 4 bulldozers, 6 excavators Total 103 truck loads of essential commodities comprising bread, atta, rice, pulses, Sugar, milk powder, mineral water, biscuits, 8 Jeeps, 7 trucks, 1 helicopter, 235 medical officers, 3 anesthetists and medical staff, 7 ambulances, 3.2 tonnes of medicines, 600 kgs of biscuits, 5,000 tents, 235 doctors and paramedical and Rs.1 crore worth medicine, 125 engineers & 29 supporting staff. In addition 500 conservancy staff from BMC , Rs.1.5 crore worth manpower & relief material to Bacchav Taluka

·       Punjab : Donated 41,722 blankets, 1,250 tents, 2 truck loads of medicine and 50 heavy equipments. Relief material also airlifted from AF air base in district Bathinda

·       J&K : Sent 30,000 blankets.

·       Haryana : 956 persons for Relief work, 259 relief trucks, 51204 blankets,  7220 durries and 500 carpets blankets, 73127 utensils, 4234 tents, 12600 sq. ft.  polythene covers, clothes, food items, buckets/mugs, torches, lanterns, kerosene / diesel, candles & matches, other items, sent upto 04/02/2001. The value of material sent is 2.75 crores.

·       Goa : Sent 2 trucks of blankets

·       U.P. : Sent medical personnel, 2 truck load of medicine, 520 tarpauline and 520 tents.

·       Delhi : Sent 85 tonnes of poles and zinc sheets.

·       Jharkhand  :Donated 30 packets of bandage materials.

·       Himachal Pradesh :Donated Rs. 51.00 lakh from CM Relief Fund.

·       Karnataka :  Cash assistance of Rs.2 crores.  8500 blankets (worth Rs.30 lakhs), 2 truck loads of ready made dress, 4.5 tonnes noodles (worth Rs.5 lakhs), 10 gas cutters, medicines worth Rs 30 lakh and a team of 22 doctors, 7 nurses and 2 HAM operators.

·       Orissa: 852 tents/camp beds, 2500 blankets, 20 doctors along with medicines  and a team of NGOs has deputed to Gujarat

·       Tamil Nadu: Government of Tamil Nadu proposes to release 1200 MT (One lakh Square meter) of AC sheets worth Rs. 1 crore through Tamil Nadu Cements Corporation Limited, from the funds accrued to the Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund.

·       West Bengal : Rs. 2 crore sanctioned. Despatched 50,000 pcs of woolen blankets from State Government Stock and additional 10,000 pcs from others,  Medicines and 33,000 pcs of tarpaulin. 4 doctors under the leadership of Special Secretary(Health) is already working.




·       International community responded generously and with alacrity.

·       44 countries & various international organisations, sent rescue teams including sniffer dogs, relief materials and mobile hospitals.


PRIORITY REQUIREMENTS - Source: Statefs web site:

·       Bhuj : Tents, Tarpaulin, Blankets, Atta, Rice, Sugar, Edible oil required.

     Clothes, cooled or perishable food, labourers, other manpower not required.

·       Rapar: Tents(family), Blankets, Utensil kits, Chlorine tablets, TCL power


·       Bhachau : Blankets, Tarpaulin, GI Sheets, Bamboo, Angles, Kadas to erct GI,

Tarpaulin veterinary units, mobile bank (can provide container for this), water purification systems with manpower, temporary toilets required.

·       Gandidham : Tents, blankets, wheat, rice food kits required.

     Firewood, GI sheets not required.

·       Anjar ; Tents, GI sheets, Blankets required. 

Food packets, Food grains, medicines, doctors, medicines, doctors, volunteers not required.

·       Surendranagar : Tents, blankets, wheat, rice, dal, temporary toilets required.

·       Morbi  : Tents and blankets required.

·       Maliya : Tents and blankets required.

·       Required : 1.0 Cu. M. bucket type (Tata – Hitachi Ex-200 or Pocklane-90 L &T) EXCAVATOR, 40.0 MT cap with 60f boom or Grader CRANE, Atlas make COP co. Concrete breaker, JCB/Excavator, 100-120 KVA cap. Generator Set. 250 CFM Air Compressor(Atlas/Kirloskar/L&T).




1.             $300 Million Assistance announced by the World Bank (WB)

2.             $350 Million Assistance announced  by Asian Development Bank (ADB)

3.             Japan provides US $ 2.3 million in addition to already released US $ 0.7 million  to PMfs National Relief Fund which is about 420 million Japanese Yen (about Rs.17 crore) which is additional to their active participation in relief and medical assistance.

4.             DKK 16,950,000 worth Danish Humanitarian Assistance in kind (from IFRC, DanChur Aid, OCHA, EMOGC, Caritas)

5.             CII, FICCI and ASSOCHAM decided to adopt large clusters of villages for relief and reconstruction.

6.             Major PSUs of the Government of India have also decided to adopt groups of villages for relief and reconstruction.

7.             CARE committed upto US $ 3.5 million relief assistance.  CARE, Canada & Norway arrived in Bhuj with 2650 tents each accommodating 6-8 persons.  40 persons relief team engaged in relief work.  FICCI-CARE alliance formed for Gujarat Rehabilitation Project to provide immediately temporary shelter, water/sanitation/electricity, quake resistant housing, construction of permanent social infrastructure (schools, clinics, anganwadis, tube wells), help to small business establishments and craftsmen. The Project selection in consulatation with the Government of Gujarat.

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