Updated at  1400 hours/ Situation Report No.10



F. No. 07001/01/2001-NDMCR

Government of India

Ministry of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture  & Cooperation

                        Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi

Dated the :  28  th January,2001


Subject :  Earthquake of 26th January, 2001 in Gujarat and many parts of India.


A severe Earthquake of 6.9 magnitude occurred around 9.00 am on 26th January,2001  with epicenter  at  20 K.M. North-East of Bhuj.  Its impact has been felt in various parts of the Country.  Gujarat has been affected very severely. As per available information from Police Control Room of Gujarat, the extent of damage is as under: -


                                     Gujarat                                  Number of persons

                                                                                                                                Dead               Injured

                                                Ahmedabad city -                    417                    708

                                                Ahmedabad rural -                     10                      27

                                                Amreli            -                                      10                         12       

                                                Anand -                                        1                     10

                                                Baroda rural -                                1                      41      

                                                Baroda-                                        1                    211         

                                                Bharuch -                                     9                      33

                                                Bhavnagar -                                  2                      29

                                                Bhuj -                                      5000                10000

                                                Gandhinagar -                              3                       7

                                                Jamnagar -                                 100                   798

                                                Junagadh -                                   8                      75

                                                Kheda                                           0                      17

                                                Mehsana                                       0                      41

                                                Navsari                                       12                      17

                                                Palanpur -                                   28                      59

                                                Patan -                                        29                    191

                                                Porbandar -                                  9                      72

                                                Rajkot city -                                 7                    219

                                                Rajkot rural -                           303                 1220

                                                Saberkanta-                                3                       -

                                                Surat city -                               42                    128

                                                Surat rural -                                1                        4

                                                Surendranagar -                           83                    761

                                                Western Railway(Baroda) -            9                      42-

                                                Total:                                      6072                14512


            Bhuj, Ahmedabad city, Rajkot and Patan are worst affected.


Damage to public               Old Railway bridge connecting Bharuch with Bombay properties                                 reported some cracks; traffic was  stopped.and now being

                                                ressumed  shortly.





·        DAC Control room functioning round the clock and coordinating relief.

·        The Prime Minister held a Cabinet Meeting on 26th January, 2001 to review earthquake situation in Gujarat. 

·        A High Level Team headed by Home Minister left for Gujarat on 26th January, 2001 afternoon to assess the damage and help rescue activities. 

·        A high level team led by Raksha Mantri reached Gujarat on 27th January , 2001 early morning to assess the relief and rescue operations.

·        JS (NDM) & Additional Central Relief Commissioner from DAC camped at Bhuj to supervise relief/rehabilitation.

·        Cabinet Secretary held a meeting of Crisis Management Committee(CMC) on 26th January, 2001 to assess the damage and help relief and rescue operations in the State. 

·        NDM Control Room of Department of Agriculture & Cooperation made functional round the clock.

·        Cabinet Secretary held another meeting of Crisis Management Committee (CMC) on 27th January, 2001 at 1100 hours as well as 1700 hours and reviewed the situation. 

·        Secretary (A&C), briefed the Press at 1900 hours on 27th January, 2001 about the relief/rescue operations carried out by various agencies. 

·        The review meeting of NCMC was held at 1100 hours on 28-01-2001.



·        Armed Force deployed for relief in a big way for rescue, relief and medical help.

·        Air force carrying relief/rescue material and trained personnel to Gujarat

·        16 helicopters are located in the vicinity of Bhuj. These are being used effectively for relief/rescue opeeerations and evacuation of injured persons..


 Border Security Force (BSF):

·        Para military personnel including Officers & medical officers, para-medical personnel and jawans reached Mani Nagar Colony in Ahmedabad.

·        Relief material comprising heavy vehicles, tent, tarpauline, tent store, water tankers etc., sent to Bhuj and Ahmedabad on 26.1.2001.

·        All BSF units in Gujarat directed to provide needful assistance, tentage, medicines and water tankers.    


 Central Industrial Security Force(CISF):

·        One Team of 10 rescue personnel of CISF deployed at Bhuj.

·        3 Coy of CISF deployed at Bhuj.

·        One Team of 17 communication personnel posted at Bhuj.


Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

·         7 Coys of CRPF also comprising RAF PERSONNEL alongwith relief materiaal and 2 doctors alongwith medicines, health-kit reached Gujarat.

·        All Coys in Gujarat directed to provide all necessaryt assistance in relief/rehabilitation work of State Government.


Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)

·        4000 Blankets, 150 tents and other materials were arranged for assistance to earthquake affected people.



·        Deptt. of  Food and Public Distribution issued orders for release of 1 lakh tonnes of wheat and 10,000 tonnes of levy sugar to Gujarat.

·        11.1 MTs food packets sent to Bhuj by Food Corporation of India.

·        Hindustan Zinc also supplying food packets..



·        36,000 blankets air lifted to Gujarat

·        Arrangements are also under way to air lift additional 90,000 blankets immediately. 

·        Arrangements are being made for additional tents to Ahmedabad/Bhuj.

·        In addition truckloads of relief material including blankets sent by Govt.  of Karnataka.



·        Union Minister for Health, Secretary (Health) and Additional Director General (Health Services) visited Gujarat on 27th January, 2001. 

·        Central Team consisting of 20 doctors, officers of Department of Telecom and Department of Agriculture & Cooperation and IMD reached Bhuj at 1900 hours on 26.01.2001 carrying relief material.

·        One Team of 10 doctors from Govt. of Haryana reached Bhuj on 27th.

·        17 doctors from PGI, Chandigarh and 10 medical personnel from Safdarjung Hospital reached for medical assistance.  

·        30 doctors on 26th January and 70 doctors on 27th January reached by air for Bhuj, from Maharashtra. 

·        Supply of medicines in large quantities arranged.

·        12 doctors from AIIMS, New Delhi reaching Gujarat today.

·        State Governments of  Karnataka have sent medical/para-medical personnel by Air.  In addition truckloads of relief material including blankets sent to Gujarat.

·        Ministry of Health have sent a special team to check any out break of epidemic.






·        It was decided that Railways will start running special trains for evacuation of injured persons.

·        Railway goods shelters can be used as shelters for earthquake affected people.

·        One bogey of first class coach will be stationed at Bhuj where the doctors and other relief persons sent to the site can be accommodated.  Food arrangements through vendors, NGOs etc., being arranged. 



·        State Government of Maharashtra has informed that some private hospitals in Mumbai are willing to treat the injured persons free of cost.  Arrangements are being tied up by the State Governments to air lift such injured persons to Mumbai by Defence Planes carrying relief/rescue material Mumbai to Gujarat in their return trips. 



·        Governments of Russia, Japan, Germany, Turkey, Britain, Switzerland and  Republic of Korea expressed their heart felt condolences on the deaths and destruction caused due to earthquake in Gujarat and shown their wiliness to help providing relief and rescue material and trained personnel to help the earthquake affected people of Gujarat.

·        Government of Turkey has offered to send a search and rescue team consisting of 35 persons, 10 tonnes of rescue equipments and 1 tonnes of medicines   to Ahmedabad to help the earthquake relief efforts.  Team landed at Ahmedabad on 28th January, 2001.

·        Government of Britain has offered to send a team consisting of 69 specialist and 4 search dogs, relief material consisting of  three cars, two trucks, two 35 seat coaches, 10 translators, 2000 lt bottled water, 500 lt unleaded  fuel and 50 anti Malaria tablets     to assist the rescue operations. Team landed at Ahmedabad 27th January, 2001.

·        Government of Switzerland has offered 45 persons and One Swiss team with sniffer dogs which arrived at Ahmedabad on 27th January, 2001.     

·        Government of Japan has donated 0.25 million US $ in kind for relief and rescue operations and 0.75 million US $ to the Prime Minister Relief Fund.

·        Government of Germany  has offered to sending a team of 20 specialist alongwith their equipments to assist the rescue operations.

·        Russia has offered a professional rescue team comprising  73 personnel and equipments, and team has reached on 28.01.2001.

·        Government of the Slovak Republic  and Republic of Korea and Malaysia have  offered  assistance by special rescue teams for  relief works and special slippers team with special trained dogs for detection and search ruins.

·        Govt. of France has offered  assistance of 40 member medical personnel with 10.5 MT medical equipments.




·        711 medical personnel deployed, and 30 more are ready.

·        Rescue teams consisting of 5161 personnel already deployed and 840 persons moving for deployment

·        1.10 lakh MT food grains sanctioned.

·        36000 blankets already sent while 92000 on its way.

·        10800 tent already provided and 2450 more on its way.

·        340 beds, 4 ambulances, 100 stretchers and 11.5 tons medicines (including bandages, cotton, IV fluids, blood units) already provided while 3 more ambulances are on its way.

·        16 debris clearing equipment, 3 recovery vehicles, 15 earthmovers and 10 tons of rescue equipment already provided.




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