Situation Report
Disaster 2001

Update 13 September 2001

I. Disaster Situation

A. Flood

Water level of Mekong River in Stung Treng, Kratie and Kompong Cham provinces has risen from 0.02 m to 0.03 m due to the rainfall in Stung Treng. In Phnom Penh City as well, the water level gets a bit rising because the Tonle Sap reservoir, rivers and lakes are filled water, and the rainfall still occurs.
Otherwise, a number of districts in provinces bordered with Vietnam i.e. Takeo, Kandal, Prey Veng and Svay Rieng are being flooded due to the slow water flow into the sea. Numerous irrigation schemes have been erected in downstream obstructing the water current and the water gate becomes narrower and the bed of channel is shallower as well.

B. Drought

Even there is some rainfall in other provinces affected by drought, but many districts still face the problem of rice crop production due to the lack of seedlings, water supply to the rice field and the unfavorable time of season. A number of NGOs has tried their effort to dig wells for the use of local people affected.


II. Damage Assessment

- Provinces/Municipality affected: 12
- Districts affected: 75 (= 464 communes)
- People affected: 342,126 families (= 1,669,182p)
- People evacuated to safe areas and affected by food shortage: 90,503 families (= 412,495p)
- Death toll: 62 (36 men)
- Houses destroyed: 2,251
- Rice crop affected: 122,890 ha
- Rice crop Destroyed: 64,005 ha
- Other crops destroyed: 6,672 ha (corn, Soya, banana)
- National road damaged: 36.917 km
- Secondary road damaged: 832 km
- Bridges damaged (concrete and wooden): 71 locations, including 11 new bridges by ADB project.
- Schools affected: 751 buildings, including by storms
- Health center affected: 35 locations
- Irrigation schemes: 98 locations
- Temple affected: 224 locations


III Emergency Response

In response to the demands of people affected by both drought and flood, Prime Minister HUN SEN has launched an appeal to local donors and international communities to provide support in kinds and cash to assist the victims in concert with the government.
The immediate assistance so far is the following:

- Donation of rice and relief items by H.M. the King and H.M. the Queen to the poor people.
- Donation of Her Majesty the Queen and Madame Bun Rany Hun Sen: 2,007 families
- Donation of Prime Minster Hun Sen to people evacuated. in safe areas, including the contribution of local donors: 41,454 families.
- Donation of Madame Bun Rany Hun Sen, Head of CRC to the flood victims: 10,300 families.
- Donation of NCDM: 5,660 families.
- Contribution of IOS, NGOs under process of 71 operations.

TOTAL Beneficiaries received donation: 59,421 families

IV Rehabilitation Measures

NCDM currently instructed by Prime Minister Hun Sen is supposed to monitor the disaster situation (drought and flood), especially the people who are affected by food shortage through the coordination role with ministries concerned, IOs, NGOs in order to get contribution of support for rehabilitation purpose. NCDM and CRC partner are to update the disaster situation and conduct the emergency response. Specialized ministries are to recover the rice crops affected after flood disaster and help people implement the short-term and recession rice crop plantation on time. Cambodia really needs 5,200 MT of rice seed and fuel for irrigation.
Ministries concerned are supposed to try their best to recover the road, bridges; culverts damaged by flood by collaborating with other institutions, local authorities, WFP, IOs and NGOs.
NCDM needs to deal with people affected by food shortage in the next step through the coordination with WFP, UN-DMT, IOs, NGOs and local donors, and international communities for support and contribution.
The need of food is estimated about 13,000 MT of rice.
Ministry of Health is supposed to monitor the well being of people to ensure sanitation in the safe areas.
The specialized government agency is to provide vaccination to the cattle to ensure the food security leading to poverty alleviation.