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Activity Report

The 2nd Steering Committee Meeting of Sentinel Asia,19-20 January, 2017,Bangkok, Thailand

ADRC attended the 2nd meeting of Sentinel Asia Steering Committee held in Bangkok,Thailand,on 19th and 20th January, 2017.
  The meeting was attended by JAXA as the secretariat of Joint Project Team, Sentinel Asia, Space agencies in Asia working as Data Provider Node, DPN, Universities and research organisations as Data Analysis Node, DAN and ADRC representing DRR organisations in Asia.
  Day 1 started with the opening remarks by the two co-chairs of SC, Dr.Lar, AIT and Mr.K. Suzuki, Executive Director,NIED, followed by a briefing by JAXA on Steering Committee Mandate and status and lessons learnt from emergency observation so far. ADRC then reported advantages of earth observation satellite imagery at diverse phases of DRR and challenges of Sentinel Asia operation from the viewpoint of DRR organisations. As a start of discussion, ADRC gave some cases of emergency situations in which satellite imagery could deliver useful information facilitating DRR operation including mega disasters affecting extensive geographical coverage beyond borders or flood affecting remotely located areas difficult to access lasting weeks, volcano eruptions hindering the use of airplanes, and so on to identify the strength of satellite imagery for DRR purposes.
   Space agencies and research organisation reported about the DAN activities. The day 2 focused first on basic idea to discuss the strategic plan after the 10th anniversary, which will be discussed throughout this year towards the APRSAF scheduled in Autumn 2017.The agenda of the 10th anniversary event scheduled in March was also discussed and approved.
(2017/1/19 12:30)

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