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Activity Report

Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund Project "Promotion of Disaster Education in Schools"

March 2011 (Vientiane, Lao)
The Training of Pilot Teachers for "Promotion of Disaster Education of Schools" project was held in Vientiane, on 10th and 11th March 2011. It was organized jointly by the Ministry of Education, the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) and the Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC). More than thirty teachers of primary and secondary school attended this two-day workshop.
Participants took lectures about "Earthquake Disaster Risk Reduction in Japan", "Basic Knowledge about Natural Disaster", etc. On this workshop, Dr. Goto, senior researcher of National Institute for Educational Policy Research, had a lecture "Latest Situation of Disaster Education in Japan" including earthquake model exercise. Therefore, participants joined in this workshop with a passionate concern.
As a result of elaboration and discussion, a pilot lesson and seminar will be held at the beginning of March.
Note: This project is part of the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund Projects and aimed to promote disaster education in ASEAN countries through such means as training of school teachers followed by school lessons facilitated by trained teachers.)

(2011/03/18 18:30)

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