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Activity Report

ERRP Pull Down Experiment

10-18 October 2009 (Kathmandu, Nepal)

The Asian Disaster Reduction Center has been carefully planned and prepared "Pull Down Test" for the last one year as a big event of "Earthquake Risk Reduction and Recovery Preparedness Program for the South Asian Region".  The first "Pull Down Test" of the existing non-retrofitted  building was conducted on 15 October in Katmandu, Nepal.
This time, a 30-years old existing building was pulled until falling. The main purposes of the experiment are to enhance awareness of the threat of earthquake by observing actual situation how the building is collapsed when a big earthquake occurs, and also to examine the strength of an old house. Further, we will conduct the second "Pull Down Test" on 2 November for the purpose of verifying the effectiveness of the retrofitting by the JAKETTING method.
Many participants from Nepal government, United Nations, the ERRP member countries, and local communities observed the result of the experiment with particular interst. As the tensility was carefully enlarged, the cracks on the wall of the house became bigger, and finally the house was collapsed in a moment. The participants could realize well the vulnerability of the existing buildings to the big earthquakes. Further, local newspapers covered the event giving a great deal of space, which contributed to raiging people's awareness of disasters.

(2009/10/22 19:10)

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