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Building Resilience at the Local Level


2-1 Government’s policies of Indonesia on building resilient village and lessons learned from various interventions by Ms. Anny Isgiati, Director of Community Empowerment of BNPB, Indonesia  (pdf, 997KB)  

2-2 Implementation of policy guideline of CBDRM in the Philippines by Ms. Lenie D. Alegre, Chief of National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Service, OCD, Philippines  (pdf, 4.14MB)  

2-3 Kobe’s CBDRM efforts after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, “BOKOMI” by Mr. Nobuhito Ohtsu, Fire Lieutenant, Kobe City Fire Bureau  (pdf, 9.13MB)  

2-4 Roles of Community Radio in Disaster Management by Mr. Junichi Hibino, Representative of FMYY and Mr. Imam Prakoso, Vice President of World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) Asia Pacific  (pdf, 516KB)  

2-5 Community DRR activity utilized “Iza! Kaeru Caravan!” (Learning disaster risk management with fun!) by Mr. Hirokazu Nagata, President, NPO Plus-Arts  (pdf, 7.58MB)  

3-1 Integration of DRR, CCA, and ecosystem management in the pilot activities of resilient communities in Indonesia and Philippines by Ms. Guineviene de Jesus, Country Representative, Partner for Resilience  (pdf, 1.05MB)  

3-2 Integrating resilient village into building resilient district/city (JICA’s project) by Ms. Miki Kodama, CBDRM Expert of the JICA Project Team/ Senior Researcher, ADRC (pdf, 2.48MB)  

3-3 Building community resilience through multi-stakeholders partnership (P4) in Indonesia by Dr. Hendro Wardhono, Indonesian Disaster Expert Association (IABI)  (pdf, 265KB)  

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