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How We Work


(1) Accumulation and provision of information on natural disasters and disaster reduction

• Share data from each country and exchange information.
• Provide analysis on disaster reduction programs.
• Distribute newsletters
• Accumulate, organize and provide data.
• Set up and manage websites.

(2) Studies on the promotion of disaster reduction cooperation

• Provide study results, exchange information.
• Provide materials and know-hows.
• Personnel cooperation to studies.

(3) Gathering of information on emergency relief during times of disaster

• Provide information to each contry.
• Provide information on damages.
• provide information on emergency relief.

(4) Developing of materials for dissemination of knowledge and raising of disaster reduction awareness

• Accumulate and provide materials and data.
• Propose projects.
• Collect and provide public relations materials.
• Collaborate in projects.

(5) Developing of education and training programs dealing with disaster reduction information

• Accumulate and provide materials on education and training programs.
• Propose projects.
• Collect and provide materials on education and training programs in each country.
• Collaborate in projects.